Is nmol l the same as ng mL?

Is nmol l the same as ng mL?

In the US and a handful of other countries, levels are measured using nanograms per millilitre or ng/mL. To convert ng/ml to nmol/L multiply the ng/ml by 2.5 for example 50 ng/ml is equivalent to 125 nmol/L.

How do you convert molarity to ng mL?

The simple formula is: ( µg/mL ) = ( µM ) * ( MW in KD) , ( ng/mL ) = ( nM ) * ( MW in KD) , ( pg/mL ) = ( pM ) * ( MW in KD) . For example: If the protein molar concentration is labeled as 2 µM, and the MW of the protein is 40 KD, then this protein product’s mass concentration will be 2 ( µM ) * 40 ( KD ) = 80 µg/mL.

What does ng/mL mean?

Nanograms per millilitre
Nanograms per millilitre (ng/mL) Some medical tests report results in nanograms (ng) per millilitre (mL). A nanogram is one-billionth of a gram. A gram is about 1/30 of an ounce. A millilitre measures fluid volume equal to 1/1000 litre.

Is pg/mL the same as NG dL?

pg/mL↔ng/dL 1 ng/dL = 10 pg/mL.

How do you convert ng/mL to nmol?

nanograms/milliliter (ng/ml) and nanomoles/Liter (nmol/L) 1 ng/ml = 2.5 nmol/L . ng/ml to nmol/L – 25 (oh) Vitamin D Conversion. ng/ml :

What is the conversion of progesterone to nmol?

Progesterone ng/mL ↔ nmol/L Conversion Table. 1 ng/mL =. 0.314465 nmol/L. 2 ng/mL =. 0.628931 nmol/L. 3 ng/mL =. 0.943396 nmol/L. 4 ng/mL =. 1.257862 nmol/L.

What does “mmol” mean in blood sugar results?

Another example where this unit “mmol” is seen is blood sugar results. What exactly does that “3.9 mmol” reading mean? It means in each litre of blood there are 3.9 millimoles of glucose. If one mole of glucose is 180.16g, then the concentration of glucose in the blood is 0.7g/ litre.

What is the concentration of a 9g solution in moles?

If one mole is 58.45g, then 9g is 0.154 moles (0.154 x N molecules). Now that we dissolve this into water, it becomes a concentration – 0.154 moles in 1 litre is a 154mmol solution.

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