Is parking free at Curtin during exams?

Is parking free at Curtin during exams?

Parking fees apply in all zones during the exam period. For more information on parking at the Perth Campus, please visit the Properties website.

Is parking free during study week Curtin?

Do I still have to use CellOPark outside of semester weeks or during study and tuition-free weeks? Yes, CelloPark is payable every weekday from 8.00am to 4.30pm. Parking is free outside these times and on weekends.

How do I park at Curtin University?

There are three easy ways to do this when you park at Curtin’s Perth campus:

  1. Via the app: Open the CellOPark app, select your location, car park zone number, your vehicle registration number and then hit GO.
  2. From your mobile phone: Call the CellOPark number on 6145 3333 and follow the prompts to start your session.

Is parking free at Curtin during semester break?

Just a reminder that parking on campus isn’t free any more during semester break! We got our hands on the plans that Curtin has for parking in the future- Make sure you send your feedback!

How much is parking at Curtin University?

Staff and corporate parking permits for 2022

Parking zone Cost
Staff monthly permits $146.00 per billing cycle (monthly)
Staff reserved $2,240 per annum
Undercover staff reserved $3,039 per annum
External corporate reserved $4,053 per annum

Do you have to pay for parking at Curtin?

It’s free to register or use, but you’ll need to select a payment method to pay for your parking. This can be either direct debit via your credit/debit card or by using a pre-paid card, which you can get from either Curtin Stadium (Building 111) or the Parking Office (Building 115).

How much is parking at Curtin?

Is Curtin parking free on weekends?

To help make Curtin a safe place to park, the Parking and Traffic Office encourages students and staff to park in BLUE zones (for FREE) before 8:00am or after 4:30pm on weekdays and at any time during the weekends (excluding ACROD and courtesy bays, unless the appropriate permit is displayed).

How do I pay CellOPark?

Payments for parking sessions are made automatically according to your selected payment method when you register with CellOPark. If you opt to pay with a credit card or debit card, payment will be deducted monthly for all the parking sessions you have had during that month.

Is parking free at Curtin on weekends?

Does CellOPark charge a monthly fee?

There are NO monthly fees or any charges what-so-ever if you do not use CellOPark during a billing cycle. Our premium services are designed as a ‘safety net’ that helps you avoid unnecessary fines and save you money if you forget to turn off your session and drive away.

How many campuses does Curtin University have?

Since then, the university has expanded its presence and has campuses in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and Mauritius, and has ties with 90 exchange universities in 20 countries….Curtin University.

Former names Western Australian Institute of Technology (1966–1986) Curtin University of Technology (1986–2010)
Campus Urban; 116 hectares

How do I find my way around the Curtin campus?

Curtin Perth covers 116 hectares and our campus map is the best resource to help you find your way around. We have maps that highlight cycle paths, buildings, parking and accessibility.

Is there free bus service to Curtin University?

A free bus service is available throughout semester for students and staff living in nearby suburbs. The Perth-Mandurah train stops at the Canning Bridge train station where Transperth bus routes 100 and 101 run from stand 3 to Curtin.

Is there a car park on campus?

Our campus has many safe and secure car parks available throughout the campus for students, staff and visitors. There are plenty of parking options available and our pay-as-you-go system means you only pay for the time you park on campus. You may park your motorbike or scooter free of charge in the designated motorbike bays.

How do I get from Curtin to oats St station?

Route 999 runs in the opposite direction, from Curtin to Oats St station. All trains service Oats St Station. Curtin Perth is about 15 minutes by car from the Perth city centre, which can increase to approximately 25 minutes during peak hour.

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