Is Peterborough a flood risk area?

Is Peterborough a flood risk area?

There are three large water bodies in Peterborough that contribute to the area’s risk of reservoir flooding. These are the Nene Washes, Rutland Water and Crowlands Cowbit Washes. The Environment Agency include this information within their map called Risk of Flooding from Reservoirs.

Where does it flood in Peterborough?

A major incident was declared in Peterborough “Our crews were sent to a number of incidents across the city, particularly in the Welland Estate area, Bourges Boulevard and Kimbolton Court which were affected by the flash floods.

Why has Peterborough flooded?

An error has occurred A spokesman said; “Due to extreme rainfall on Friday which is showing as a one in 70 year event, Bourges Boulevard in Peterborough became overwhelmed with surface water which caused flooding within the area.

What caused Peterborough flood?

The Story. Peterborough got the worst of it. When torrential rains hit south-central Ontario and parts of Quebec in mid-July 2004, the city’s drainage system is unable to cope with the demands of 150 mm of water falling overnight. The result is flooded basements all over the city.

What are the dangers of living on the flood plains?

residents of floodplains face the very real risk of flooding and the devastation that it can cause. homes can be damaged or destroyed. property can be ruined. If you live in a floodplain, you can avoid or at least minimize the damage by planning today for flooding that might occur tomorrow.

What is Peterborough County?

Peterborough, city and unitary authority, geographic county of Cambridgeshire, England.

What is the city of Peterborough doing to reduce flooding risk?

The City of Peterborough’s flood reduction efforts include major capital projects, maintaining existing infrastructure to reduce the potential for flooding, and dedicated programs such as the Flood Reduction Subsidy Program.

Is there a flood risk in Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes?

WATCH: Flood risk in Peterborough and the Kawartha Lakes region (April 21) Keeping a watchful eye on the situation is ORCA, the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority. Gordon Earle is a water resources technologist with ORCA.

What happened in the 2004 Peterborough Flood?

On July 14 and July 15, 2004, Peterborough experienced a significant storm event. Over these two days, 250 millimetres of rain fell; resulting in flooding that caused a lot of damage to private and public property. Some floodplain mapping exists for Curtis Creek, but it is outdated and incomplete.

Why is it important to know the floodplain?

Flooding poses dangers to people and property. Knowing the extent of the floodplain is critical to reducing potential property damage and risks to public safety, environmental protection and emergency management. Effective floodplain management is a key goal of Otonabee Conservation. How are floodplain maps created?

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