Is PowerBuilder still used?

Is PowerBuilder still used?

Thousands of PowerBuilder applications still run today. Even though the platform is supposedly supported, its development has been slow in the past decade and the platform has changed hands multiple times which has caused the technology to become less desirable and lack basic functionality from more modern platforms.

What is PowerBuilder programming?

PowerBuilder is a rapid application development tool for building, maintaining and modernizing business-critical Windows applications that is owned by Sybase, a division of SAP. Powerbase makes prototype construction easier and permits developers to create client/server, Web and distributed applications for Win32, .

Is appeon a Chinese company?

Appeon is a cloud application development company headquartered in Hong Kong with R&D center in Shenzhen, China and business office in San Francisco, California.

Is PowerBuilder hard to learn?

It’s not that hard, but it has some quirks. Learn how to manipulate the datawindow with PB script, how to make it interact with other controls. Sybase offers PB classes. Take one of the fast track courses to get an overview of how to do things in the tool.

What is PowerBuilder application?

PowerBuilder is a popular rapid application development (RAD) tool for building object-oriented programmingclient/server applications the parts of which can be distributed within a network. A major feature of PowerBuilder (and its competitors) is the ability to create databases using an object-oriented interface.

How much does PowerBuilder cost?


When was PowerBuilder created?

July 1992
PowerBuilder/Initial release dates

What is Microsoft PowerBuilder?

PowerBuilder is an integrated development environment owned by SAP since the acquisition of Sybase in 2010. In 2010, a major upgrade of PowerBuilder was released to provide support for the Microsoft . NET Framework. In 2014, support was added for OData, dockable windows, and 64-bit native applications.

How do I use Power Builder in WordPress?

Power Builder Location

  1. To use it you have to navigate to Pages tab on the left of WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Then click on Add new to create a new page. There will be Use Power Builder button.
  3. Click on it, and Power Builder editor will open.

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