Is Sako good ammo?

Is Sako good ammo?

Not only are the bullets Sako uses extremely accurate, the powder charges are exceptionally uniform. With five rounds across the chronograph, the Super Hammerhead load showed an average velocity of 2,774 feet-per-second out of a 20-inch barrel, had an extreme spread of 23 fps and had a standard deviation of 10 fps.

Is PPU Russian?

PPU) is a Serbian manufacturer of ammunition and handloading components, based in Užice, Serbia. The company produces ammunition for civilian and military consumers in a variety of calibers in various loadings.

What is soft point cutting edge?

The soft point cutting edge bullet (SPCE) is essentially a modified semi-jacketed bullet that’s been designed to expand in a very controlled fashion. Unlike a standard soft-point or hollow point where the core is often bonded with the casing, this bullet doesn’t lock the lead core in completely.

Who is Igman ammunition?

Igman Ammunition is made in Bosnia and Herzegovina and offers a premium quality ammo products at low bargain sale prices. Igman Ammunition manufactures Handgun Ammo, Rifle Ammo and mostly known for their high quality Rifle ammunition including 7.62×39 ammo caliber.

What does SPCE stand for in ammo?

Sellier & Bellot® Soft Point Cutting Edge (SPCE) Ammunition. Awesome performance for your big game hunts! SPCE is a semi-jacketed soft point projectile with a unique cutting edge built in the jacket.

What are the dimensions of the 8x68s?

276 8x68S (150 Sp at 3300) .369 +2.4″ +2.5″ 3″@150 316 8x68S (220 Sp at 2800) .448 +2.7″ +1.7″ 3″@135

What is an 8×68 s rifle used for?

In the U.S, the 8×68 S has been used on all manner of game up to the size of Alaskan Brown Bear and Moose, in Australia the 8×68 S was once popular for hunting Asian water buffalo. In Africa, the 8×68 S still retains a mild following and is used on all game apart from those which are regulated by caliber restrictions.

What is the difference between an 8×68 and a 300 magnum?

The 8x68s case has a base diameter of.523” (13.3mm) and a slightly rebated rim at.511” (13mm). The.300 Winchester Magnum has a base diameter of.513” (13.03mm) and a rim diameter of.532” (13.51mm), the 67.5mm case (trim length) of the 8×68 S (2.680”) is slightly longer than the Winchester at 2.260” (66.5mm).

What is the difference between a 308 Win and a 30-06?

The 308 Win delivers a slightly steeper drop than the larger and more powerful 30-06 or 300 Win Mag, yet its recoil is far more manageable thanks to its lesser muzzle velocity. The 308 Win’s.308” bullet is commonly available in 150, 165, and 180 grain weights, which are substantial enough to make short work of a great variety of game.

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