Is Sony PlayMemories compatible with Mac?

Is Sony PlayMemories compatible with Mac?

PlayMemories Home software is supported on computers running Apple® Mac® OS X® v10. 10 – 10.11 or macOS® 10.12 – 10.13. Visit the PlayMemories Home app recommended computer environment web page for additional information.

What is Pmhome on Mac?

Sony’s PlayMemories Home enables you to manage and edit photos and videos on your Mac. You can not only organize your photos and videos easily, but also upload the photos using PlayMemories Online.

What is Pmhome software?

The PlayMemories Home™ software is a software suite that enables you to import photos and videos to a computer, and then browse and manage them.

How do I remove PlayMemories from home Mac?

Right-click the PlayMemories Home icon displayed on the start window. Click Uninstall from the displayed list. Select PlayMemories Home from the Uninstall or change a program list. Click Uninstall.

Is PlayMemories home free?

When the introduction window for PlayMemories Online (Free) appears, click either [Use PlayMemories Online.] or [Do not use PlayMemories Online.]. You can start using PlayMemories Online later. Wait until PlayMemories Home starts. When it starts, the installation has been completed.

What is the PlayMemories Home app?

“PlayMemories Home” is an app that allows you to import, organize and edit photos and videos. The imported images are organized in a calendar format and can be efficiently searched or shared. The images can be viewed on a big screen TV or another device using the Home Network function.

How do I download and install PlayMemories for Mac?

Navigate the page and click on the Install PlayMemories Home button. Click Save to download the file. NOTE: Choose a convenient destination to save the file, such as your Desktop or the Downloads folder. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click on Install Mac version here.

How do I view my photos on PlayMemories Online?

Upload your photos to PlayMemories Online and you will be able to view your memorable photos anytime from a computer’s web browser. Cherish memories with everyone on a TV. Enjoy memorable photos and videos uploaded to PlayMemories Online on a BRAVIA* TV. Photos can be viewed in a manner similar to flipping through an album with background music.

Can I Change which folders will be displayed in PlayMemories home?

NOTE: It is possible to change which folders will display in PlayMemories Home after the installation is complete. When the message Next, configure PlayMemories Online settings will appear, select Skip PlayMemories Online set-up (you may set-up later), and then select Next.

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