Is the Moody Radio app free?

Is the Moody Radio app free?

Listen to WCRF-FM – Moody Radio 103.3 FM and many more radio stations with the radio app – completely for free.

What religion is moody?

Moody Church

The Moody Church
Location Chicago. Illinois
Country United States
Denomination Nondenominational Christianity

Who was Dwight L Moody’s music minister?

Dwight L. Moody
Preacher, evangelist and publisher
Born Dwight Lyman MoodyFebruary 5, 1837 Northfield, Massachusetts, US
Died December 26, 1899 (aged 62) Northfield, Massachusetts, US

Was Dwight Moody a fundamentalist?

Darby’s writings became the primary source of inspiration for the second theologian to figure prominently in the birth of the fundamentalist movement, Dwight L. Moody. Moody is remembered as the first prominent American theologian to raise the banner of biblical inerrancy.

Was Dwight L Moody a Baptist?

In April 1855 Moody was converted to evangelical Christianity when his Sunday school teacher, Edward Kimball, talked to him about how much God loved him. His conversion sparked the start of his career as an evangelist.

What denomination was moody?

What kind of music does Moody Radio have?

Listeners can trust Moody Radio’s music to be lyrically sound. We also feature special programs on Saturday and Sunday nights to reach out to a wider audience, showcasing urban gospel on Celebration of Praise, and classic Christian songs with Faith on Record.

How do I get Moody Radio on my TV?

Currently, you can cast Moody Radio streams via the TuneIn app and podcasts on the Google Play Music App. Just look for the Google Cast symbol. Get Moody Radio content via the TuneIn radio app for Apple TV. Just download the app from the TV store and search “Moody Radio”

Who is the morning person on Moody Radio?

Nancy hosts mid-mornings from 9 a.m. to noon on Moody Radio Chicago. She also hosts Music for Sunday and on the Praise & Worship station. Nancy has one daughter. She enjoys reading, baking and experiencing the outdoors.

What is moodymoody presents?

Moody Presents is a weekly half-hour teaching program hosted by Jon Gauger. In addition to teaching from God’s Word, this Sunday program also regularly features music by the four student ensembles of Moody Bible Institute, along with student and…

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