Is the SR5 a AE86?

Is the SR5 a AE86?

In North America, the top-spec DOHC 4A-GEC was sold as the Corolla Sport GT-S (with AE86 on the build plate in the engine bay but AE88 in the VIN), with the SOHC 4A-C being sold as the Corolla Sport SR5 (with AE86 on the build plate and in the VIN).

What is a Toyota Corolla SR5?

The Corolla SR5 is a front-engine, rear-wheel drive car powered by a naturally-aspirated 1.6 liter engine with 88 hp (66 kW). Although less powerful than the Datsun 510, the Corolla SR5 only weighs 2065 lb (937 kg), making it 62 lb (28 kg) lighter than the latter.

What is a Toyota AE92?

AE92 — 2 door coupé (Levin, Trueno), Sedan 4-door (SE Limited, GT), Hatchback (FX, FX16, FX-GTV, FX-GT), Liftback (Sprinter GT) 1.6 liter 4A. AE95 — 4WD sedan 4-door (DX, SE Limited) 1.6 liter 4A. CE90 — FWD Sedan 4-door 1.8 liter diesel 1C. CE95 — 4WD Sedan 4-door 2.0 liter diesel 2C.

Is the 1984 Corolla RWD?

All Corollas of this prior style (sedans and coupes) were rear-wheel-drive. The 4-door sedan version of the 1984-87 Corolla. While both sedans and Sport coupes used the same 1.6-liter engine, the sedan was switched to a front-wheel-drive platform.

Is the e80 RWD?

Design. The front-wheel-drive wheelbase was now 2,430 mm (95.7 in). The three-door FWD hatchback was also available with this engine; it was known as the Corolla FX-16 in North America. This engine was also combined with the front-drive transaxle to power the mid-engined Toyota MR2.

Does the AE86 handle well?

In all honesty, the AE86 has treated me extremely well. Amongst what I have driven, it is the best handling car and the smoothest shifting too!

When did the Toyota Corolla Levin come out?

The AE86 series of the Toyota Corolla Levin and Toyota Sprinter Trueno are small, front-engine/rear-drive models within the fifth generation Corolla range — marketed by Toyota from 1983 to 1987 in coupe and hatchback configurations.

What is the chassis code for the Toyota Corolla?

Fans of the final rear-wheel-drive Corolla series refer to it simply by its chassis code of “AE86”.

What kind of car is a 1983 Corolla Hatchback?

The prior generation Corolla SR5 hatchback of 1980 – 1983. ’83 model shown. Shown for reference is the previous generation 1980-83 Corolla SR5 notchback coupe. All Corollas of this prior style (sedans and coupes) were rear-wheel-drive. The 4-door sedan version of the 1984-87 Corolla.

What is the difference between the Toyota Sprinter Trueno and Corolla Levin?

In Japan, the Sprinter Trueno was exclusive to Toyota Japan dealerships called Toyota Auto Store, while the Corolla Levin was exclusive to Toyota Corolla Store. The name AE86 derives from Toyota’s internal code during the car’s development, designating the 1600 cc RWD model from the fifth generation of the Corolla.

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