Is The Walking Dead having auditions?

Is The Walking Dead having auditions?

The casting company is taking submissions for background actors to work in season two of the show. The Walking Dead: World Beyond will film in Richmond and surrounding areas from February until June 2021.

How can I be a walker on the walking dead?

How do you become a zombie in The Walking Dead? In The Walking Dead, people become Walkers after getting infected by a bite or a wound. As fans will remember, Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) and many others perished after succumbing to wounds over the course of the series.

How much do the walkers get paid on the walking dead?

“Hero [featured] zombies are paid [$88 for eight hours], then $11 for each hour after. You’d also get a $50 stunt bump if you did a stunt, which I got for falling.” Watched a behind the scenes and they use a lot of people from Georgia (where they film it) to play the walkers.

How can I meet the Walking Dead cast?

How to meet the cast of The Walking Dead? The cast and crew of The Walking Dead participate in many convention or fanmeet. The cast also travels to comic-con and multi-fandom conventions in many countries.

How do I get a walker walker number?

Zero Point

  1. Visit to
  2. Click or Tap on Apply for authorization.
  3. Write your gmail ID and click on “Apply”. Now.
  4. Go to
  5. Click the “Redeem Invite Code” button in the. top right corner.
  6. Enter the code.
  7. Fill in your details and press send (If nothing.
  8. Wait for a reply from Walker #2.

Does Zed become president?

Zed wins his presidential debate against Bucky, but when the Z-band shorts out due to the moonstone, Zed becomes a full zombie, losing the election. The werewolves head to Seabrook Power and face off against the Zombie Patrol.

Are walkers evolving?

The Walkers are not evolving. The living are blending in and travelling with the Dead. This group is called The Whisperers.

Who are the casting directors for The Walking Dead?

Sharon Bialy and Sherry Thomas are the main casting directors for “The Walking Dead.” They are based in Los Angeles and are known for their work on other popular television series including “Barry,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Breaking Bad,” “Better Call Saul,” and “Dead to Me.”

Are there casting calls for ‘The Walking Dead’ on backstage?

Backstage has had casting calls for “The Walking Dead” in the past and while there are none right now, keep an eye on Backstage for future opportunities to join the series. That said, you can still find other productions casting that are worth checking out if you love the AMC show.

How do I get a job on ‘The Walking Dead’?

Here’s how to get one. Atlanta-based Patrick Ingram of Extras Casting Atlanta is the casting director for all background actors on “The Walking Dead.” There are currently no open calls for Season 11 background talent, but be sure to check Extras Casting Atlanta’s website for updates.

What are the requirements to be on The Walking Dead cast?

Past Backstage casting calls for “The Walking Dead” background talent have included: Skinny with dark hair and dark, tan complexions, no dreads, no braids and no cornrows, no bright colored hair and must have natural nails Since “The Walking Dead” shoots in Georgia, it’s helpful to be local to the area.

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