Is The Woodsman based on a true story?

Is The Woodsman based on a true story?

The film stars Kevin Bacon as a convicted child molester who must adjust to life after prison. Its name refers to the woodsman from the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood who kills the wolf to save the titular child….The Woodsman (2004 film)

The Woodsman
Based on The Woodsman by Steven Fechter
Produced by Lee Daniels

What is the movie The Woodsman about?

After 12 years in prison, Walter (Kevin Bacon) returns home. Few people know he’s a sex offender and pedophile. Walter finds an apartment where he’s regularly visited by his parole officer (Mos Def). He gets a job at a lumber mill and starts seeing a coworker (Kyra Sedgwick). Then his new world begins to unravel. As his past becomes known, he begins a high-risk friendship with a young girl and realizes that a man loitering near a schoolyard is a child molester prowling for his next victim.
The Woodsman/Film synopsis

Is The Woodsman on Netflix?

Watch The Woodsman and the Rain | Netflix.

What did Walter do in The Woodsman?

The Woodsman falls into this category, dealing with the emotionally charged issue of paedophilia. Walter, the principal protagonist (played by Kevin Bacon), is a convicted paedophile, released on supervised parole. Rather surprisingly, he is housed in an apartment directly across the road from an elementary school.

Who is a woodsman?

Definition of woodsman : a person who frequents or works in the woods especially : one skilled in woodcraft.

Does Walter change in the woodsman?

The fact is, Walter is making an effort to change. He has uncomfortable exchanges with a workplace fling in Vicki (played by real-life wife Kyra Sedgwick), the Sgt. assigned to look over him, co-workers, a brother-in-law and a therapist.

How old is Walter in The Woodsman?

THE WOODSMAN is a thought-provoking movie, based on a stage play by Steven Fechter and adapted by first-time director Nicole Kassell, about a pedophile’s struggle to adjust after being released after 12 years in prison. Walter (played by Kevin Bacon) moves back to his hometown at the age of 45.

Who did Walter molest in The Woodsman?

At work, Walter befriends Vicki (Kyra Sedgwick, Bacon’s real-life wife), who is taunted by her blue-collar co-workers but successfully holds her ground. The two soon become lovers, and Vicki tells Walter she was molested by her three brothers.

What does Woodman mean?

noun, plural wood·men. a forester having charge of the king’s woods. a woodcutter. a dealer in wood, especially one who sells kindling wood.

What part of speech is woodsman?

A man who lives and works in woodland; a forester or woodman.

What type of play is the woodsman?

stage play
The Woodsman (play) The Woodsman is a 2012 American stage play (described by its creators as a “dramatico-musical”) with music composed by Edward W. Hardy, lyrics by Jennifer Loring, and book by James Ortiz.

What kind of person was the woodsman?

noun, plural woods·men. Also woodman. a person accustomed to life in the woods and skilled in the arts of the woods, as hunting or trapping.

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