Is there a part 2 to Pretty Woman?

Is there a part 2 to Pretty Woman?

Pretty Woman was the first time Gere and Roberts teamed up to work together, but it wasn’t the last. Runaway Bride doesn’t have the same characters or story as Pretty Woman. But Alexander insisted that because of that movie, there won’t ever be a sequel to the 1990 classic.

How much does she get paid in Pretty Woman?

Despite the film earning millions upon release, Roberts only got paid $300,000 for her role. However, her co-star, Richard Gere, made millions for his part. It may seem unfair that Roberts earned so little compared to her co-star for her famous role. At the time, Roberts was still a rising star.

How old was Julia Roberts Runaway Bride?

Roberts, 53, and Gere, 71, would go on to reunite in the 1999 rom-com, which was also directed by the late Gary Marshall. (The famed director died at age 81 in July 2016.)

Who was originally offered the part of Forrest Gump?

He wasn’t the first choice to play Forrest, however. John Travolta was and the actor passed on the film, opting to star in Pulp Fiction instead. He’s since admitted that he regrets his decision. Other actors considered for the role were Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Sean Penn.

How much was the necklace in Pretty Woman?

Victoria Lee wears $365,000 necklace worn by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Why did Pretty Woman use a body double?

Michelle says she doubled in the early Pretty Woman scenes for Roberts, who played a hooker, because the camera canvassed the character’s body extremely closely. “My legs were a little curvier. I was a little more busty,” Michelle says. “It made her look a little more curvaceous, just gave her that body she needed.”

What kind of job did Edward’s mother have in Pretty Woman?

piano teacher
Edward ‘s mother, we learn, was a piano teacher, the source of his artistic tastes, his love of opera and skill at the piano. Like Viv, she was a poor nobody, but she married the wealthy businessman Carter Lewis, only to be later cast off by him.

How much did Julia Roberts earn from Pretty Woman?

Roberts was the world’s highest-paid actress throughout the majority of the 1990s as well as for much of the first half of the 2000s. Her fee for Pretty Woman (1990) was $300,000; while she was paid an unprecedented $25 million for her role in Mona Lisa Smile (2003).

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