Is there a sequel to Pandorum?

Is there a sequel to Pandorum?

“There is a prequel and a sequel. The thing about PANDORUM is there is a mythology that goes along with it that is in some ways, very similar to how Joseph Campbell and his mythology was imprinted on STAR WARS. There is mythology that goes with Pandorum as well.

Is Elysium a sequel to Pandorum?

Really, there is no reason to assume any connection. No writers in common and Elysium is basically a product of Neill Blomkamp, who is South African. In SF, and particularly in film, dates are something you should take as lightly as possible—they are often selected on a whim with no sense at all.

Is Pandorum a sequel to Event Horizon?

A forgotten sci-fi horror that did the genre proud. Besides Paul W.S. Anderson helping produce the film, the DNA Pandorum shares with Event Horizon is clear. Both films detail members of a flight crew exploring a gothic, seemingly abandoned spacecraft.

Is there a Elysium Part 2?

Blomkamp is currently working on his next sci-fi thriller, ‘Inferno’, the production for which will begin early this year. This means, if at all we do get ‘Elysium 2’, it would ideally only release sometime in 2024, or later.

Is pandorum a good movie?

“Pandorum” is a surprisingly great sci-fi with potential to become a classic in the future. The claustrophobic and complex story recalls “The Descent” in at least two scenes, but it is original and very well developed. Very scary, one of the best sci fi horrors.

Is Chappie related to Elysium?

Elysium is about immigration, refugees and class warfare, etc. – chappie is the least connected.

What happened at the end of Pandorum?

Bower and Nadia escape to his pod, and are ejected to the surface as well. The mutants are presumably drowned but the sleeping passengers float to the surface to safety. The film ends with Bower and Nadia looking at the new world as the other pods surface.

Why is Elysium rated R?

Elysium/Rated R for violence, bad language, drug usage and garden parties. Elysium is a lot like Les Miserables (2012) but with no singing. It is about a time in the future, 2154, when there are only two classes of people. Those who live on Elysium, a space station circling the earth, and those who are on earth.

Is pandpandorum a horror movie?

Pandorum is a 2009 science fiction horror film, with elements of Lovecraftian horror and survival adventure. The film was directed by Christian Alvart and produced by Robert Kulzer, Jeremy Bolt and Paul W. S. Anderson. Travis Milloy wrote the screenplay from a story by Milloy and Alvart. It stars Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster.

What is the review of Pandorum?

Science fiction magazine SFX stated that ” Pandorum is the finest interstellar horror in years” and awarded the film 4 stars out of 5. Film Ireland also gave Pandorum a positive review, appreciating the film’s synergy of cinematic techniques, set design, and developed characters.

Is Pandorum a franchise movie?

Overture Films distributed Pandorum in North America, Icon in the United Kingdom and Australia, Svensk Filmindustri in Scandinavia, and Movie Eye in Japan. The film was set up as a possible franchise.

Who are the actors in Pandorum?

Pandorum was announced in May 2008 with Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster in lead roles. Christian Alvart was attached to direct the film, based on a script by Travis Milloy.

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