Is UWI admissions open?

Is UWI admissions open?

The UWI, Open Campus is inviting applications for admission to regional undergraduate degrees, associate degrees, diplomas and certificates for August and January of each year. See the programmes on offer. Please note that for regional programmes, applications must be completed online.

How many times can you apply to UWI?

Can I apply for more than one programme? No. Only one application will be considered at a time.

How long does UWI take to accept?

Depending on the applicant’s status a decision can be made within two to three weeks after submitting an application and all required documents. Once all supporting documents are received for the applicant the Board will meet and make a decision.

Can you apply to UWI in January?

Applications for semester II, 2021/ 2022 (January 2022) are open for the following undergraduate programmes: Certificate in Geographic and Land Information Systems. Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Development.

What is the deadline for UWI applications?

July 31, 2021
Applications should be submitted to the Campus to which admission is being sought. The closing date for receipt of applications for full-time and part time study at the St. Augustine Campus of the University for the 2021/2022 academic year is July 31, 2021. The UWI will not accept any late applications.

When should I apply for UWI?

Applications open early November each year and those received before the UWI deadline of March 31 will be given priority consideration.

Can I double major at UWI?

A Double Major comprises 30 credits each for each of the two majors/subject areas. Students may also request to pursue a second Major from another Faculty.

What is a special degree UWI?

SPECIAL DEGREES or specialization programmes provide the foundation required for graduates to be functionally competent in the broad field of management. With a special degree, students do at least 15 of the 20 courses required at Levels II and III of the degree programme in subjects offered by the Department.

What is the difference between UWI and UWI Open Campus?

Open Campus has some differences from its sister campuses within the UWI institution. It has similar governance structures and committees with one exception – a small and focused financial committee of Council which it uses instead of the larger finance and General Purposes Committee that exists on the other campuses.

Will UWI be face to face?

Changes to The UWI Mona’s Business Operations due to No Movement Days to Curtail the Spread of COVID-19 in Jamaica. The University of the West Indies Mona Campus wishes to advise all students and members of the public that the campus will be closed for face – to – face business on the dates below.

How do you’re apply to UWI?

Persons applying for re-admission to degree programmes should submit documentary evidence of ADDITIONAL qualifications (if applicable). We encourage you to take every opportunity during the application process to demonstrate how you have become a more competitive applicant since your last application.

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