Isabelle Huppert vs illegal downloading

The French actress has thrown a small stone into the pond…

Passage to Peru for a film festival, Isabelle Huppert responded to a question about illegal downloading in Latin America with regard to european films and asian front of the “machine” of american that is Hollywood. His answer remains vague without being devoid of sense in some ways : “It is like Robin hood who steals for the poor”. It is important to know that in Peru, 90% of the DVDS that are circulating in the country are simply pirated copies.

Isabelle Huppert continued her conversation talking about China, and his film The Pianist , which is there very known then that it was never released in theaters in the chinese. “The same thing is happening in China,” she says.

Without adding, and clearly lay things out and say whether she is for or against illegal downloading.

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