James Bond : the generic from 2006 to 2012

Casino Royale marks the return unhoped-for Bond on the front of the stage in 2006. A new face, the face of Daniel Craig, and the series will see re-started with gusto. The aesthetic bias is all the same surprising. There is, indeed, the choice of the action to an animated film – rather successful in its kind, which provides a totally different approach from what had been seen until then. Although less realistic, it shows the body is very rectangular which will here refer to casino and poker, the key elements of the plot of this 20th James Bond. One should note the boldness and originality of such a generic. A pity that the title You Know My Name, sung by Chris Cornell, in an atmosphere of pop-rock, does absolutely nothing.

After the great gap operated with Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace (2008) brings something much more classic. As much the film as the generic. In fact, although they are in a whole disappointing, Quantum of Solace offers a true episode of James Bond, not forgetting to respect the majority of the codes established with the first movies. Something that would be sorely missed in Skyfall, albeit a good action film, but ultimately Bond as the name. The credits, accompanied by the title ‘Another Way to Die, sung by the duo of Alicia Keys and Jack White, proves to be far more realistic than its predecessor. It plays directly with the body of Daniel Craig, which is evolving in a scenery of sand. As caught in quicksand, pulled by the body’s gigantic women who are trying to make it fall. Classic but far from memorable. There is even the will to put in the foreground the actor, a bit like the time Roger Moore.

After undergoing three securities whose musicality had nothing to do with the universe bondien, Skyfall (2012) puts the bar extremely high. We find in the voice of Adele, the part dramatic, forgotten since The World Is Not Enough. The british singer is listed there in the tradition, soul Shirley Bassey, Gladys Knight or Tina Turner. The orchestration, it, don’t forget to include with finesse a slight gimmick to the guitar that evokes the notes of the James Bond Theme, built on top of the piano chords. Has the image, there is, however, a multitude too great proposals. Starting with a Bond only, with the traits of Craig himself, who falls into the abyss. Several symbols are connected and follow one another without really agreeing. Until you see a female face, a weapon in the hand. So, there is finally a game of body. Also the transitions are seamless, but in the movement, towards the front. Note the effect of the most successful of symmetry and the propagation of the body. Thus it could be likened to the generic of the film itself, actually quite the mess. Bond is chained to such destinations without real interest story. And where the movie décevait, is that it seemed to forget its values and its codes, simply winks to the saga. After three episodes with Craig, we thought we would finally have a James Bond fully built. Finally, since Casino Royale, this is all the mythology of the secret agent who continues to put in place. More than classic films adapting the works of Ian Fleming, as was the case in the past, these latest episodes fit the image and the history of Bond as a whole. This should continue with the next film, Spectre, which will reveal the terrorist organization often opposed by 007.

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