job profile : 1st assistant operator (camera) part 2

Fiche métier : 1er assistant opérateur (caméra) partie2

1st Assistant operator


Assistant operator-Part 2 :

Here are the result of the job profile : the 1st assistant operator (assistant camera). In the first part we have seen what ” was ” the 1st assistant operator on a film, its importance, why he had to do camera testing, and the role that it should play on the set.

If you have not yet done so, go read the interview of Julien Richez (1st assistant operator) who accepted to answer my questions. This way you will know all about his business.

How much money does a 1st assistant operator ?

Before talking about salary, he needs to know that one does not become a 1st assistant operator from one day to the next day. As you will understand, this is a profession where one does not have the right to the error. Even if you have a solid training in the bag, nothing will replace the experience. To become a 1st assistant operator, you will need to go through the dole video, 2nd assistant operator, and then finally to the position of 1st assistant operator !

Yes, but how many wins does he have ?

A 1st assistant camera will win 1276 euro per week : 35 + 4 hours. This is what is called a salary package. It may be that we commit to an assistant operator for a day or two, the daily rate will then be of 327 euros.

The training of the wizard camera, what is it ?

It’s funny because a few days ago, I asked a question every beast on the camera team of the film I’m working on at the moment (which Julien Richez) , here is my question :

In reality, you can’t be an assistant operator when one is self-taught ?!

the response of Julien has me a little stuck ! He told me that it was possible but difficult, because as of today, the number of cameras, conversions of images and the standards are complicated…but with a lot of personal work, internships, humility, and…work (and yes again), it is possible to get there.

To be quite frank, he also told me that it was easier to make a two-year training (BTS), in order to have the necessary knowledge to be operational. I refer you also to the articles on the BTS and the schools.

It is also possible to do a private school, as the 3IS, but be careful, the cost of the studies is not within the reach of everyman.

– A preparatory year = 5320 euros

– The first year = 7120 euros

– The second year = 7200 euros

– The third year = 7280 €

Is a cost of teaching : 28 120 euros !!!!

This should not of course discourage you, if you do not have the means (or your parents), it is still possible to work alongside to get there !

I remain convinced that : when one wants, one can !

Make a school or a BTS will also help you make knowledge, to practice and to master all the protocols and the process.


The voice Royal !

There is another way to become a 1 st assistant camera. It is enough to be accepted at the FEMIS or Louis Lumière

To return to the Femis and Louis lumière, he must succeed in a contest (closing of the contest entries for Louis Lumière on February 3, 2014).

Once the output of one of these schools you will be entitled immediately to a position of 1 st assistant operator or your ascent will take place at great speed. If you made these schools you can be assured of having the best training, this is what I call the voice royal !

Is it that you are built to be a assistant(e) operator ?

If you like to be in the forefront of the technologicale, that you like the image, and you have an artistic soul, then this job is for you !

An artistic soul ? Yes ! Take the example of a tipping point, that is to say, move a character in the foreground, and then do the sharpness on the character in the second plan. And with this change of point does not happen like this, I want to say that this is not just turning the ring on the point. He must feel the moment is right, turn the ring a certain way, it must live in the plan or the scene.

I find that often the job of a first assistant operator remains confined to a business, ” technical “, even if this is not fake…but this is not totally true ! I believe that it is this small thing that differentiates the good 1 wizards…very good !

But back to the qualities to be 1st assistant operator : You know how to work in a team, you have the sense of touch (and humour !), give directions, have people under your responsibility. You know to obey orders (the director, chief operator), you know how to adapt, work under pressure and you are humble…

Then the job of the 1st assistant operator is for you.

That’s it for this article on the 1st assistant operator. I hope he was able to enlighten you on this job under high-pressure ;o)

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