Know how to write and structure their note of Intent

Savoir rédiger et structurer sa note d’Intention

THE notice Of INTENT PART 1 :



I’m not going to go by four paths. The notice of intent is your key to a producer you lise….and you happen.

I can already hear you from here : ” I have worked 1 or 2 years on my scenario and I’m not even going to be judged on it.”

The truth is that a lot of producers don’t read the scenarios that we send them. They read first the synopsis and note of intent. If these two documents employ in the eye of the producer, then it will read your project. In some of the boxes are wizards who read the scenarios and then, based on their judgment, submit to the producer.

You have understood, the synopsis and note of intent are there to make the mouth water. Now you know what a synopsis…or you can click here.

But a note of intent what is it ?

What to put in it ?

You will find on the net the definition of a notice of intent but nothing more.

What I propose to you today is much more than a definition….I propose to you a plan, a structure.

The note of intent is the document the more personal your project. This is why it is the bane of all writers in the grass. But through hard work we manage to master the exercise.

It can be seen also as a letter of motivation, in the other hand, his writing is different. But do not lose sight of the fact that what we expect of you is sincerity, which you move, what you think. Basically, what you are !

This note will allow you to defend your scenario, to defend its originality, its resonance in our society/ or the current climate etc…You will be able to speak of the treatment of the history, of the universe, of the founding elements and determinants of your scenario so that this causes in the reader (producer) the desire to read the whole thing.

Below you will find a ” plan “ with a number of lines. This is an average, you can do more or less ! But remember one thing : keep it simple.

To be clear, just like your scenario. The note of intent should not be a philosophical essay, nor a novel.

For the tone and intention : serious or not ?!

This is the question that was put to me some time ago. Once again, I remember to have made an answer ;o) I answered : ” it depends ! “

It depends on your history.

In fact, if your story tells the rise ofa serial killer, you’re not going to make jokes in every paragraph. Likewise, if you are writing a comedy, you’re not going to mope around and push your readers to suicide. Obvious non ? To write the note of intention, take the tone of your story.

ATTENTION, if you’re writing a drama, also avoid that your reader will want to take action !

Go back into the heart of the matter of your note :

To begin with, in a few lines (3 to 4), tell the starting point of the story : the meeting of two lovers, a hold-up, a feast.

But above all, stick to the main theme of your film.

And then in 10 lines, tell the story of why this movie must be produced.

For example : I heard recently, during an interview of a comedian came on to defend his latest film, saying that it was like a pill anti seizure.

In these few words, we understand immediately that he is talking about a comedy.

If your film is more social, talk about the difficulty of life, of the resonance that has your story in the life of every day.

There may also be hope, laughter, tears etc….

Is it that you are from this community ?

Is this a true story ?

Tell a little about you if you have a link with the story.

This is already a good first part ? It will, I am sure, give you a hard time. I know that this is not an easy exercise. But you’re not alone, I’m here to help you.

I wish you good luck and see you soon for the following : the notice of intent part 2 ;o)

I always try to be as clear as possible in my explanations but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to leave me a little message.

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Tom Weil

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