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The reference French-speaking on Pixar, recognized by Pixar Animation Studios

The whole Disney universe

Cinema and Television

I butter my toast

Webzine cultural young and uninhibited to enjoy the finger or the





CineVu is a site where we talk about films, blockbusters, dramas,

comedy, series that we like it or not. Film critics

all the country, and that is the cultural mix. Of chronic simple

and sincere”


Marie Nedjar, an actress in training, I’ve done my scales at the Cours Florent and at the Sorbonne Nouvelle, in Theatre section where I am exit with a license… of Course, the cinema was already a passion as an apprentice actor … and as it appeared to me as a home, a refuge… over time and after a degree of Reporter-level II is obtained, the desire to talk about movies and critics is imposed…


We are here to analyze, understand, and criticize openly

the styles of the films, old or recent. It is without emphasis, or

restrictions as we examine each topic

Xav-B. Log

Le blogzine of all my passions : Movies, Music, Video Games, TV Series and more… You will find daily all the news around these areas, all of the outputs, the new posters, trailers, movie clips, but also reviews of films and TV series, chronicles of discs and concerts and test games.


Here is a blog specialised film in the critique and analysis

movies. It is the perfect place to take your dose of good

cinema. Our team will prescribe you what you need

analyses justified, while avoiding unnecessary surgeries.

We prefer quality by avoiding over-treatment.


The pop culture on Eklecty-city it is cinema, series tv,

the video game, chronicles of synch, exclusive interviews and

the latest trailers.

The blog of Cheeky

If you want to see movies of animation : 2d or 3d, see trailers or watch interviews of the supervisors of special effects, filmmakers, writers etc…in short, if the world of special effects and animations you’re interested, the blog of Cheeky is the place to be !

Film Animation : The blog of Cheeky

Short film, animation and science fiction


Francis loves movies and it shows ! Take advantage of the critical honest and also discover independent films . If you are a ds fan of spielberg, Besson or won go your way. On the other hand if you like Leone, Antonioni, Melville, Coppola, Fellini, Kubrick etc…this blog is for you.

Cine Immortal

Here is a blog which is important, because it speaks of the cinema of the past. This cinema that was built day after day the cinema of today : Stars of the past, from the beginning of the film up to the 80’s……..Discoveries and nostalgia! Don’t forget that it is important to have a good film culture. This allows you to not only be able to provide references but also to better understand the dramaturgy


Contraction of the words “Cinema” and ” Panorama “, Cinérama is a blog that has the vocation to talk about all the films, regardless of their genre (drama, action, science-fiction, adventure, comedy…) or their budgets (blockbuster, independent film, etc.). Its distinctive feature is a claim to a tone personal, own to the sensitivity of the author, in the articles that it offers, while building, however, these elements are as concrete as the scenario, the directing or the casting…in Short, a blog must !

The Blog of the Film

The Blog Cinema is a blog that deals with the cinema in the broadest sense : news, all the trailers, people & show biz, the film version of paper, and the news of the TV series), but also reviews of the DVD releases or television, series including.

Silence Action


The lair of addicted to David Lynch, share movie reviews, tests blu-ray, news cinema, its course of festival

and his short films.


A girl living at 24 frames a second (in delay, it goes to 25), who looks at the world in colors, or, depending on his mood, black and white. Sometimes talkative, sometimes silent, it speaks to you on its blog of cinema, a passion that is scripting his life.

Then, ready for projection ?

Hey, remember to stay after the credits, there is often a bonus!!!


the news of the cinema, by 6né’Web. Find on this blog written by a fan of trailers, but also of the critical and close-ups, including the first on : the thrill of the anxieties, Dario Argento…happiness ! ;o)


Nicolas, the administrator of the site, poingcritique to judge; lone Bear. Since the Meurthe-et-Moselle administers this blog is very rich in content. He would like this passion for film since he has dragged his gaiters in the video-club(which no longer exists today) to his dad. You can find reviews of Films and animated series. But it is mainly in the critics and the reviews of the movies that Nicolas is very strong. It does not speak to you only of the movie he has seen. It will decrypt the influences and references that it to meet. In short, Callciné will allow you to go full throttle into the passion that is the film’s fun and you are teaching them.

Fruit that is Fit

Fruits that fit is a blog of critical cinema written by several feathers. Their goal ? Talk about movies that make them react without the big sales pitch ! They are holding a bet : you get to discover movies every day.

Has sad Pictures of a red Sky

I love the cinema, music and TV series. What are my sources of inspiration, and with this blog I hope to share this passion with you, introduce you to what I liked and what I didn’t like too (and yes nothing is all white lol). I will present various articles on my passions, hoping thus to be able to share with you, to exchange ideas and opinions, but also that I do share your favorite heart


After five years on his old blog Chronicle of a film buff, Tiffany has grown tired of its platform with limited possibilities. The name, address, and the design may change, but the principle remains the same. We, therefore, find on Screenreview.fr, reviews of films seen for the first or newly released, news, videos, and other papers of his own in the following sections : Series, Focus, and Articles. To know everything in the matter of actu ciné, appointment in the category of Essential.

Culture/ fashion


Baz-art, it’s movies, books, music, shows, etc. in short, the culture treated with humour and a love of art in general. A nice complement to ” How to Make A Movie “, to enrich your imagination and continue to train you ;o)

Still a fashion blog

Still a fashion blog is a blog

versatile speaking mode, of course, but also art, cinema

and travel. All on your current and offset, which has the vocation

to bring a smile and inspire with lightness !

TV, Film, geekery, Video Games

The Universe Of The Series

The Universe Series is a de Facto Association, based in Belgium, carried out by passionate fans of TV series, web series, saga mp3, video games, movies, and other. Our site has the objective of making you discover the world of video games, television, film and the computer in general. But also, to create a place where every fan can come and share his passions, his tastes to a community that is growing day by day.


Nerdalors is online since 2008. There, we talk about Cinema, Video Games, Music, Geekery, silliness of all kinds. But Nerdalors, it is also issues in Studio Ciné Live, Allociné, IMDB, Orange etc… Thanks to their many partners, they can offer you testing, of the critical in all domains in their own way.



Couple of vingtenaires passionate about cinema and new technologies, which were raised by the generation Spielberg and Groening, our tastes are -among others – to fantasy movies, action-movies epic and the animation, whether it is through TV series, blockbusters nags or delicate works independent…movie reviews from time to time, rankings and a few miscellaneous items.

The film and fashion

“Still a fashion blog is a blog

versatile speaking mode, of course, but also art, cinema

and travel. All on your current and offset, which has the vocation

to bring a smile and inspire with lightness ! “

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