Looking For Eric : Band-announcement 1

Here is the first trailer of Looking For Eric

The pitch : Eric Bishop, postier Manchester, traverse a bad pass.

Under his nose, her two beautiful sons excellent in small trafficking of all kinds, his daughter accuses him of not being up to height, and his sentimental life is a desert.

Despite the joyful friendship and good humor of his fellow postal workers who do everything they can to give him the smile, nothing…

One evening, Eric turns to his idol, the poster on the wall of his room seemed to see a look of malicious. That would place the greatest player of Manchester United ?

Eric is convinced, the King Cantona can help him resume his life in his hands…

Looking For Eric was directed by Ken Loach (It’s A Free World, Tickets) with Steve Evets, Eric Cantona (The Second Breath, Lisa, And The Airplane Pilot), and Stephanie Bishop.

Date of theatrical release : may 27, 2009

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