Lucky Luke returns in the guise of Jean Dujardin

Here is the latest adaptation to date of the famous cowboy…

We present to you the 2 first images from the upcoming film by James Huth (Hellphone, Brice De Nice), with Jean Dujardin playing the role of the cow-boy, Michaël Youn as Billy The Kid, Alexandra Lamy as Belle, Sylvie Testud as Calamity Jane, Melvil Poupaud as Jesse James, Daniel Prévost as Pat Poker, and Jean-François Balmer as Governor.

A beautiful casting I hear you say, this will be confirmed at time of theatrical release announced for October 21, 2009.

In anticipation of the opening of the official website, at the same address you will find the official blog of the film, or should I say Daisy Email, where you can find the latest news fresh from the Far West :

I’m a poor lonesome cowboy…

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