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– MAD MAX 2, or how to invent a genre, the post-apo


– critical MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

Si MAD MAX 2 had to be summed up in one word, it would be EFFICIENCY !

In 4 minutes, input one has a summary of the first component. Just what you need to know about Max and the situation of the world in which it will evolve.

“He lost everything in a roar. It was no more than a shadow of itself. A man barren, destroyed. A man haunted by the demons of the past. A man who was traveling across the desert. And it is here, in this place, devastated, that he rediscovered life”

BOOM. In a few sentences everything is laid out and one could say, if it was a little unkind, that the vision of the 1 is no longer necessary. Here, too, we landed directly in the middle of a chase panting in the desert. We are no longer in a confrontation between police and bad guys, Max has become a man among others. By this stage of action, the goal of the film is set and the characterization of the world is made : it is necessary to find the fuel, and succeed to survive. Not worth it to learn more.

MAD MAX 2 is a true western. The drought has overshadowed the urban areas and an attack can happen anytime, anywhere in these empty stretches. And where only the strongest has the last word. Gyro will make the bitter experience in trying to trap Max. Trap that will turn against him and will sign the start of a funny friendship. Finally, one has the impression of seeing a real post-apocalyptic world take body. Yet the backgrounds boil down to not much : the empty stretches of rocks and a small base. In this refinement form a feeling of total insecurity. Confirmed by the bad guys to the height this time. Humungus dressed in his garb of a gladiator, his speaker, and his carcass muscle is a character marking which is remembered for years after the vision of the film. It eclipses even the other protagonists side. The characters are hardly developed, but each is characterized by its appearance and the way he reacted to the threat. We never learn anything about them and, however, at the end, one remembers each one of them. Face it, Max is still a man silent, locked in his thoughts and following his path. The loner that he is, in the face of people in distress, allows his protective instincts and helps the little troupe is threatened by Humungus and his gang. Before leaving, in the last moments.

In comparison with the first stream, MAD MAX 2 is needed by his perfect rhythmic efficiency. It is embedded in the first few moments, again, in a pursuit and never let go. No frills, with sub-plots, sentimental, place to survival. The brief affair interview between Gyro and a woman walk better, for example, than that of the first pane between Max and his wife. Because it is embedded in a sense of urgency. All the protagonists gentiles are confronted with this emergency, who is to keep alert and pushes them to survive. The symbol is the central full of fuel, they hold on to at all costs. A microcosm where the personalities are different but rely on each other because they know that their strength lies in the union. Max is also, despite her abilities, the needs of others. His attempt to leave only turns to vinegar and he will understand that he is obligated to help the other to escape, to flee himself. The relationship between Max and the Gyro is this vital need of the other, despite the different. It is obvious that the two men have not the same character, does not mean that they are helping each other to survive. Aware that the other also seeks only to survive, without wanting to do evil.

“The film is skillfully the test of time and remains, decades after, a reference in the genre. If there was only one MAD MAX to remember, it would be this one.”

It is with this second installment that MAD MAX really is in the history of cinema. A true villain, a universe became solid and the action scenes nerve. And, the better ! The film is cleverly the test of time and remains, decades after, a reference in the genre. If there was only one MAD MAX to remember, it would be this one. A must see if Fury Road will be to the height.






– The pancreas of the Poster Posse for MAD MAX : FURY ROAD

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Original title : Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Production : George Miller

Screenplay : Terry Hayes, George Miller, Brian Hannant

Main actors : Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence, Vernon Wells

Country of origin : Australia

Released : August 11, 1982

Duration : 1h37min

Distributor : Warner Bros.

Synopsis : In a future not defined, the oil reserves are exhausted and violence rules the world. Max, a former road safety, goes to the rescue of a community of peasants struggling with pirates of the road. The battle focuses around a tanker to refinery.

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