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This week is to mark a white stone for the users of ” How to Make A Movie “. From this week, the blog has a new partner and not least, The Forum des Images.

For those who don’t know the structure, here’s a little reminder : The Forum des Images is formerly the Library of Paris. It is a cultural institution dedicated to cinema and the audiovisual sector. It is located at forum des Halles.

This is a must-see place if you love the cinema because the Forum des images offers a retrospective of feature films, short as well as master classes of great directors and actors :

Francis Ford Coppola (Materclass+)

Claude chabrol

Denis Podalydes (Masterclass+)


Michel Blanc (Masterclass+)

Gérard Depardieu (Masterclass+)

Vincent Lindon

Michael Haneke

James Gray (Masterclass+)

Barbet Schroeder

Jacques Audiard

You just have to click on the name to access the videos of each Masterclass. Every month a new personality is invited by the forum des images in order to animate a Masterclass.


I’ll let you find all the Masterclass directly on the site of the forum des images.

Learn film and how to make a movie are also going through the experience of our fathers. These Masteclass also allow us to expand our horizons and especially to sweep of a reverse of the hand of our questions and our problems. These videos we also demonstrate that each director has his own demons and questions. We are all in the research and creation, we all pass through the same states and the same steps that we’re Coppola or Mr. XXX.


 What is the difference between a Masterclass and Masterclass+ ?

All master classes available, from this page, are not Masterclass +, that is to say that they are not enriched with additional content.

Let me explain : Sometimes the lecturer is discussing a particular point or anecdote, or talking about his journey. The masteclass + gives you the possibility, through the video, access to other content : A biography, an extract from a film, a sheet thematic, the filmography of the filmmaker, lecturer, archives of The INA or any other document informing the about the director or actor involved.

The other benefits of the forum images ?

If you can go to Paris, you can attend the next Masterclass but also to see a non-negligible quantity of films. To give you an idea, the forum des images has over 7000 movies with Paris scenery or subject.

Yes, but what else ?

There, I think I’m going to convince you. I am sure that over time, the forum des images will become your second site in your favorites (After www.commentfaireunfilm.com !!! ;o) or your second home (if you live in Paris or its surroundings ;o) )

The forum des images, also hosts festivals. The forum revisits the films of the fortnight shortly after their passage at the Cannes film festival.

But The forum des images also hosts unique festivals and sometimes completely unreleased as :

The festival series

The Pocket films

The Pocket films what is it ? These are all the films made from a mobile phone…

The other extremely important point for you, it is the analysis of several scenarios : why and how…


All of this in the video, and look and listen without starting scenarios such as :

– A. I Artificial intelligence Spielberg

– Avatar of Cameron

– Lost j. j abrams

– Chinatown Polanski

– Minority report Spielberg

– The hatred of kassovitz

– My uncle Tati

Just click on the name to access the videos.



Enjoy all these videos, of course and the site of the forum des images.

Enjoy the Masterclass+, the videos are a little long to load…but personally I think they are worth the shot. Leave me a message to tell me what you think.

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I put the screenshot, or is the partner ;o)

Good luck and see you soon,


Thomas J. and Tom W.

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