Melissa McCarthy will be… Tinkerbell !

L‘actress, as we found in bridesmaid intelligently vulgar, in the excellent My Best Friends, and recently reviewed in Tammy, seems to be a new face of Hollywood !

She has found her humor and energy are insane, regardless of his physical distance to the canons of beauty. We love it.

She will perform as the famous Tinker Bell (La fée Clochette in French) Peter Pan :

a project carried on rail by Fox and co-produced by Melissa McCarthy and Shawn Levy (director of this film, Tinker Bell, or to Night at The museum and Real Steel) ; Nicholas Stoller (Sex Tape, Our Worst Neighbors) is also attached to the project as screenwriter.

Of memory, the fairy tinker Bell is the character of child-woman, compensating for its small size by a well-tempered character. A role that is well suited to Melissa McCarthy, and who will move away from the fairy bells of Julia Roberts in Hook of Spielberg, or even of our Ludivine Sagnier national in the entertaining Peter Pan 2003 – two interpretation questionable, operator of the image “canon of beauty” of the two actresses before giving any consistency to the characters.

The idea of casting the most light since the announcement of a female team for Ghostbusters 3 !


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