MIDNIGHT SUN, romance, agreed, but starry – Critical

Remake of the Taiyō no Uta by Norihiro Koizumi, 2006, Midnight Sun does not resist any siren of the transposition in addition to Pacific. It is, however, a melodrama teen quite moving, a little ” sun of night “.

Difficult for this work to create an identity of its own, as the codes of the genre romance-disease-teenagers him to stick to the skin up to rule out almost any possibility of originality. In the logical continuity ofEverything, everything of Stella Meghie last year, nice adaptation, but already a little singular, the film by Scott Speer appears very quickly ersatz at the time of its oriental style and Our stars contrary -is not the John Green who wants to. It is epigone of the first in that it captures the essence without keep the charm, there is in the Japanese authenticity clumsy than this version, too smooth, does not return. As for the second it is inspired by up to the excess, some of the scenes giving the impression of seeing the same long-feature film at almost the dialog close : like a conversation between the father and Charlie interrupted by the heroine literally at the same time as in the film by Josh Boone. The border of the tribute is by moments blithely put into perspective…

The shots all respond to the call. Everything is there : the best friend odd, the house catalogue, the party of 200 persons, the athlete is in the heart secretly soft, yearning and philosophical out of nowhere, the father is out of the ordinary…. However, the entire cast of secondary draws its pin from the play, and especially Rob Riggle in father cool but protective. Regarding the duo of head, Katie is a creature of dream, which, although damaged remains a little too perfect to really resonate like an outcast (where Hazel Grace is more credible since it is not an object of desire for the man who loves her, and not idealized). Efforts are, however, facts on the makeup restricted by example, and if Bella Thorne is little convincing ingenue at the beginning, as we advance his game as his character is gaining in sincerity. Surprisingly enough, the real highlight of the story is Patrick Schwarzenegger ! Its roots do not really echo the romanticism, and yet his accuracy is stunning, as he finds here his first main role.Regarding the achievement, this is again not in this teen movie that we have to look for the inventiveness, although it remains effective. The simplicity of the camera is quite easy but does never the story ; it doesn’t become cluttered great effects and enhances so well the few times really poignant. Some beautiful symbols are strewn over the narrative, and this in large part because of his background. The values are necessarily reversed, the damage being daytime each flash of light is not hope if not danger. The sun is sometimes dreamlike, sometimes dazzling, and despite the darkness which regulates everything, even the scenes in the shadows are bright by nature. This lightness of soul is also supported by the aspect vaguely musical, the songs are claimed as a ballad to Taylor Swift, but in the good sense of the term, that of a breath of fresh air that works well.In fact, despite all the reservations, this is a beautiful story of a couple whose only regret is that the stakes and the progress out if of the beaten path. But we can not withdraw that it keeps its promises : it is a pleasure for the faint of heart. The chemistry between the two heroes is also immediate and intense, and if it is not always dug out, the turn the scenario in the second part only makes it that more vibrant. Without revealing too much, the sub-text on the “price” of love is pretty well covered, and without tearing out the tears to the spectators it inevitably will tighten the gorge. Midnight sun is to be taken for what it is, a portrait of a first love, surely utopian, which feeds on tragedy ; a painting of modest of course, but that brings emotions to the flower of skin in his audience. And for those who would have the spirit baudelairean, these three verses are the conclusion is perfect :

“A tender heart that hates nothingness, vast and black,

Of the past light collects any vestige !

The sun has drowned in its blood that congeals … “


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MIDNIGHT SUN, romance, agreed, but starry – Critical
Original title : Midnight sun

Achievement : Scott Speer

Scenario : Eric Kristen

Main actors : Bella Thorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Rob Riggle

Release Date : 13 June 2018

Duration : 1h33min

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