Nespresso Talents : the list of winners

Check out the winners of the contest of film vertical Nespresso Talents for competitions in France and Internationally.

In Cannes, on Friday, may 11, on the occasion of the third edition of the competition, Nespresso Talents, Nespresso has rewarded directors from Nepal, Sweden and Poland in the framework of its international competition, and three directors French for the French section. Using their creativity, the participants were invited to propose a short film in a format 9:16 on a topical theme : “The difference she makes “. Thus, the filmmakers have celebrated the woman and her accomplishments of any kind. From climbing to diving with sharks, passing by the maternity, dance, and philanthropy, whether it is the small ordinary things or feats extraordinary, everything is past.

Before hand there has been a long and exciting debate in the jury – made up of Vincent Perez, Pitch Marshall and Miriam Sainz – about the place of women in cinema and society, in keeping with the theme of this edition #TheDifferenceSheMakes. The quotas, the statistics, the progress, the difficulties and the things that are most suited to move forward were discussed and it was found that Pitch Marshall and Miriam Sainz, even if they share a general point of view quite similar, had a look sometimes opposite on some points.

They came back on about Jessica Chastain in 2017, when she was a member of the jury for the Official Competition. “There have been a few exceptions but for the most part, I was surprised by the representation of the female characters in these films. I hope that by including more women in the writing, we will have more women like those I encounter in my daily life. Women who are enterprising, who have power, who do not react to the men around them, who have their own point of view.”.

Pitch Marshall, for his part, referred to the figures relating to France. Even if it is far from the fairness, it is the countries most open to women in this position, with nearly 25% of women directors.


Nespresso Talents International

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Among a multitude of candidates from around the world, the Jury has nominated three winners. This is Wings of Kiran Pokharel (Nepal), which won the first prize, and then the Isle of Capri to le Mans Berthas (Sweden) who won the second and finally Heart Therapy Anna Zoll (Poland) which won the third.

The three filmmakers have been able to be put in the honor during a ceremony at the Palais des Festivals and they have received financial assistance to develop their career. To participate in the festival may be a good idea to gain visibility and resources.

Having seen the movies, I recommend especially the Wings, the more creative of the three, who deserves his victory.

Nespresso Talents France

For France, the Jury, this time composed of Iris Brey, Pascale Faure and Vincent Perez – awarded the prize to three candidates, among many others, once again. The first prize went to Inna Ouvaroff for Maia, Pierre Comas took the second with Tomorrow and Who I am ? Jean Christophe Garcia was the last. I highly recommend the movie Inna Ouvaroff. From a visual point of view, it is clearly the one which operates the best-the unusual format of the 9/16th.

These winners have also taken part in the award ceremony at the Palais des Festival and win the same assistance as the other. French as a foreigner, this contest is very good : the films that come out quality sound and help to the new director.

The platform Nespresso Talent aims to inspire filmmakers to create a positive change in the world and to celebrate their talent on the international scene. The contest is part of a cultural trend new to tell a story in a vertical format, a mode of viewing has increased by 600 % in the last five years. A competition to follow in 2019.

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