Nick Cutter, the film, the series adapted for the cinema

Packaged it weighed, the series will become a movie…

Even as it is Warner Bros Pictures who said it. The subsidiary of the famous company in the production and distribution comes into effect to acquire the rights to the series English – Nick Cutter And The Gates Of Time – Primeval for the purists – to make a film adaptation.

And this is Akiva Goldsman (producer of Hancock or I Am Legend) and Kerry Foster as it has entrusted the production of the film. We don’t know how to take it but it is murmurerait that the remake would be a good compromise between the series Lost and Jurassic Park.

The pitch will remain substantially the same as the series, namely ugly foolish – prehistoric or futuristic – that arrive in our beautiful country american through a crack in time.

Nick Cutter And The Gates Of Time is already in its third season and the first has benefited from a huge budget : more than 9 million euros.

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