Olivier Lamy, his box of prod and its studios

Olivier Lamy, sa boîte de prod et ses studios

Hello to all. This week I would like to tell you about a story quite amazing ! I met Olivier Lamy to Laucourt in Picardy, where he has built up a project amazing. I repeat to you all the time that he must believe in his projects and moving to be able to get there. And although Olivier is one of those people who have a dream and will give all means to achieve their goals…That is why I want to talk to you about the short film : ” Kitchen “ directed by Steve Duchesne, Olivier has produced

A producer, but not only

Yes, you read that right, today I present to you a young producer , but there is no doubt that we haven’t heard the last of him, it is I who say to you ! Brushing quickly made the portrait of Olivier, he studied at the EICAR (Which you can find the details in the article : film school) to become a sound engineer. Just after his studies, Olivier has been hired as a boom operator on the series short-to-success : ” domestic scene “. This series is turning into a studio…and it gave him ideas.

First idea ofOlivier Lamy : mount a production company ! Then, he does not do things halfway, or to the ” will I pushed you “. Olivier surrounds himself and the team. Result : in May 2010, Olivier Lamy Created : Alcibal productions that are positioned on both the corporate (corporate film, pub) than fiction, the clip etc…

Often you ask me if there are productions that produce of genre film. Well, Olivier is one of those. The video clips in this article, you will prove to be. Olivier Lamy loves the genre and give it the means. But beware, it does exactly that, Alcibal Productions running at the stroke of the heart, if you were to ask Olivier to his preferred genre, he would say without hesitation : adventure films !

Since 2010, Olivier has created a box prod, but also a whole chain of editing, dubbing, mixing, calibration, in short everything it takes to make a film in the best conditions and to be ” stand-alone “

The production at the studio

But the idea of the studios is on its usual path at Olivier Lamy, who sees in the endiverie, that his grandparents were an amazing opportunity to transform the sheds studio ! Yes you read that correctly. Only problem…Olivier is not Luc Besson…and this is not his portfolio. But it’s not going to stop it. Once again, he surrounds himself with and consults to the pros. Very quickly, he realizes that to turn the hangars into studios of cinema, it will not be easy, but with ingenuity and trucks of courage project is feasible.

You know what ? With a handful of mates Olivier has done the work itself…the result : the November 6, 2014 it is inaugurating its new studios : The studios Lamy, with in investment the budget of a big short film, for 6000 m2 of surface.

Either : 5 studios created from 264 m2 to 660 m2, a central hall of 1200 m2, a workshop of construction of sets, production offices, dressing rooms for the actors, and the HMC, access truck, parking etc…

Studios what !

I put in the link address of the internet site so that you can go and see. Its force ? Be 100 km from the plaine Saint-Denis (50 minutes by car), 40 km south-east of Amiens, and be 1 hour 20 minutes from Lille…in short, close to everything.

And the movies in all this ?

This is where you will see that Olivier Lamy and its partners have of the continuation in the ideas. In July 2014 spell ” Extreme Pinocchio “ of Pascal Chind, short film genre revisiting the story of Pinocchio.

Again , they put in 4 for the output and dissemination :

Output / Before-first – cinema Gaumont Opera-Paris, FRANCE April 15, 2014

Official selection / Official Selection – Festival Mauvais Genre Tours FRANCE 16 to April 21, 2014 (Prix du public / Audience Award)

-Geekopolis Paris, FRANCE on 17 and 18 may 2014

Official selection / Official Selection FilmQuest USA (Salt Lake City) from 30 June to 5 July 2014

-Blokker Art Gallery Madrid SPAIN / SPAIN July 16, 2014

-Official selection / Official Selection Fantasia International Film Festival Montreal, CANADA July 17-August 5, 2014

And soon to be ” Kitchen “, directed by Steve Duchesne…

Pitch : In a big house lost in the middle of nowhere, Jason made the discovery of a cookery book hidden in his attic. Later, when he decides to prepare a delicious meal for his wife Mary, things did not go as planned…a ghost has taken possession of the premises.

And yes even a genre film and I can tell you thatOlivier Lamy (producer), Steve Duchesne (director) and the entire team have put the small dishes in the large. I put the images in the Trailer just below. Take a look at and we talk about it just after…

KITCHEN_TRAILER from Alcibal Productions on Vimeo.

Whether they like it or not this kind…we must recognize that it sends heavy, everything is filmed in a studio…and in English ! Now, can you guess the budget ?! 100 000 ? 50 000 ? 20 000 ? Will I help you :

  • the preparation lasted for a month
  • 3 days of set building,
  • 4 days of shooting
  • Post-production and digital effects
  • 40 people in the team

Here are a few photos of the construction of the decor :

But as you’re still a little skeptical…here is a picture of the make-up (SFX):

Then ? 15 000 euros, yes you read that right ! Then, you tell me : -” yes, but it has a box to prod and studios, obviously it helps ! “I can tell you that if tomorrow you started a production company and you turn your garage into a studio, you would not have easily 15 000 € budget….and even if you were to make a loan to the bank (which would be bullshit) thinking of you come up with this money, you would be wrong.

The solution what is it ?

The solution is to federate and you move. First, gather a team of pros for the most part and then find partnerships. There Alcibal Productions and the team have done great things. They have managed to get partners incredible :

  • Panavision
  • Panalux
  • Studio St Louis/ First hour (calibration)
  • Vision Global (canadian company)
  • The Regional council of nagorno-sen
  • The conservatory of Bourg-La-Reine
  • The agglomeration community ” les hauts de bièvre “

Then Alcibal productions is a partner in co-production with : The studios Lamy (that is to say that Olivier has put in a contribution in industry, the cost of studios), and Saya Post-production.

Nothing was left to chance ! There are only like that we can make a project that holds the road.

Steve and Olivier have done me the honor to introduce you to the other side of the stage. I suggest that you watch the Making-of of the Kitchen so that you can see the work done.

Before The Making Of KITCHEN from Alcibal Productions on Vimeo.

I hope very soon to be able to show you the film here.

So much for the article on Olivier Lamy, Alcibal productions and studios Lamy. Let me have your comments at the bottom of the article.

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