on Sunday, 23 march 2014 : the program on tv tonight

Cach day, 2 movies to see on television : a exclusively on TNT and the other on all channels. Tonight, THE COLOR PURPLE, and THE PIANIST.


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Release Date : September 10, 1986 (2h34min)

Director : Steven Spielberg

Actors : Danny Glover, Whoopi Goldberg, Rae Dawn Chong

Genre : Drama

Country : United States

Box-Office France : 1 756 339 entries

Budget : 15 000 000 $

The story of two sisters, comparability between and Nettie, and their family, which has the particularity to be colored black during the first half of the Twentieth century in the southern United States.

Rewards :

• National Board of Review 1985 : Best actress : Whoopi Goldberg – Best film

• Golden Globes 1986 : Best actress in a drama : Whoopi Goldberg

• Directors Guild of America Awards 1986 : Best director : Steven Spielberg, Gerald R. Molen (manager 2nd team), Pat Kehoe (1st assistant director), Richard A. Wells (assistant director), and Victoria E. Rhodes (2nd assistant director)

• Casting Society of America 1986 : Price Artios for best distribution : Reuben Cannon

• ASCAP Awards 1987 : Top Box Office Films

• Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards 1986 : Best director : Steven Spielberg

• Blue Ribbon Awards 1987 : Best foreign language film

• NAACP Image Awards 1988 : Best film – Best actress : Whoopi Goldberg

• Black Movie Awards 2005 : entry to the Classic Cinema Hall of Fame

Anecdotes :

• Tina Turner was approached for the lead role, which she refused for fear of curbing her career when flowering. Finally it is Whoopi Goldberg who got what role, who made it famous.

• The purple Color is one of the few movies (one might even say the only feature-length film, the other being his sketch of The Fourth Dimension, composed by Jerry Goldsmith) Spielberg, whose music was not composed by John Williams.

• During the shooting, Amy Irving (at the time, the young wife of Steven Spielberg) was pregnant with their little boy, Max. By coincidence, she gave birth while Spielberg turned one of the scenes key of the film : that of the birth of comparability between. So he was forced to leave the plateau and pass the baton to assistant directors.

• Not being someone violent in life, Danny Glover has had a lot of trouble to play the scene where Albert kicked Nettie.

• Although she is also singer, Margaret Avery does not interprets not to it-even the songs of his character. His voice is dubbed by singer Tata Vega.

• James Tillis is a professional boxer, he is remembered for having been the first to finish, standing up to Mike Tyson, who wins points on may 3, 1986.

• In spite of its eleven academy award nominations in 1986, the film has not won a single statuette, as The Turning point of life in 1977, and True Grit in 2011.




Release Date : September 25, 2002 (2h28min)

Director : Roman Polanski

Actors : Adrien Brody, Thomas Kretschmann, Emilia Fox

Genre : Drama, History

Countries : France, England, Germany, Poland

Box-Office France : 1 773 905 entries

Budget : 85 000 000 $

During the Second world War, Wladyslaw Szpilman, a famous pianist of Polish-jewish, escapes the deportation, but finds himself penned in the Warsaw ghetto, he shares the suffering, the humiliation and the heroic struggles. He manages to escape and takes refuge in the ruins of the capital. A German officer, who appreciated his music, using and allows him to survive.

Rewards :

• Palme d’or at the Cannes film Festival 2002

• Caesar 2003 : best film, best director : Roman Polanski best actor : Adrien Brody, best music written for a film : Wojciech Kilar, best production design : Allan Starski, best cinematography : Paweł Edelman, best sound : Jean-Marie Blondel, Gérard Hardy and Dean Humphreys

• Goyas 2003 : best european film

• Oscars 2003 : best director : Roman Polanski best actor : Adrien Brody, best adapted screenplay : Roman Polanski

• BAFTA Awards 2003 : best film, best director : Roman Polanski

Anecdotes :

• The actor Adrien Brody, is very involved in the role, had to lose 14 kilos for the shoot, thanks to a strict diet consisting of hard-boiled eggs, tea, vegetables, and occasional small chickens.

• The Pianist is the first and only film where no word in French may be heard that have never won the César for the Best Film.


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