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[OUT] RED RIVER (1948)

Howard Hawks, sometimes wrongly conflated with John Ford, has not started by Western. RED RIVER was nevertheless the first step in the genre before Rio Bravo does not provide him with the card of a member of the very closed club of the undisputed masters of the 7th art It was in 1851 that the […]


The director of the Slovak Dušan Hanák was at the Arras Film Festival to present his film DREAMS IN PINK copy restored and distributed by Malavida. Navigating between dreams and realism, documentary, DREAMS IN PINK is the story of impossible love between a factor and a gypsy. A rare gem to discover without fault ! […]


This week spring in the dark halls of the jewel oiled Henri-Georges Clouzot : the Wages of fear or the story explosive of an announced death. And in this crazy race to the voltage, this master of the Image, as mysterious as a virtuoso, excel, amazes, scares, and a brand of his sweat to a […]

Retrospective Xavier Dolan : I KILLED MY MOTHER

Xavier Dolan was only 19 years old and yet his first feature I KILLED MY MOTHER, presented in the directors ‘ Fortnight at Cannes in 2009, receiving all the tributes. The young filmmaker and his film époustouflent the critical, as they bind, with a virtuosity unheard of for a first film, precision, formal images and […]

[critical] RICH HILL

En this is a documentary that will hardly go unnoticed when it will be distributed, projected, and disseminated. Little electro-shock, RICH HILL shows in the length and breadth of the daily life of the three teenagers a little lost, in a white America losing its sense and say simply, completely clueless. RICH HILL is the […]

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