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[critical] R. I. P. D. BRIGADE FANTÔME

The irascible and undisciplined Roy is assigned as the new team mate fire Nick Walker, a young police officer from Boston, recently deceased. The two “men” are going to have to swallow their antipathy respective to carry out their mission. When they discover a plot that could end life as we have always known, the […]

[critical] RUSH

RUSH traces the thrilling and breathless battle between two of the greatest rivals in the history of Formula 1 has ever known, that of James Hunt and Niki Lauda competing for the illustrious stables McLaren and Ferrari. From the haute bourgeoisie, charismatic and handsome boy, all between the playboy englishman James Hunt to Niki Lauda, […]

[critical] SAINT LAURENT

Ofthem films devoted to the personality of Saint Laurent this year. Where the movie of Jalil Lespert was a classical confounding, that of Bertrand Bonello clearly marks an artistic freedom and an excess of personality on the part of the director. The film follows a non-linear fashion the journey of Yves Saint Laurent, between 1962 […]


Por mention the seventh film of the official selection of the Champs-Elysées Film Festival, it should be clear from the start that the title of the film comes from a play on words more or less funny. Indeed, the more attentive of you have already figured out that SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY is to understand […]

Sergio Leone

Achievement 1984 It was a time in America 1975 A Genius, two partners and a bell 1973 My name is Nobody 1971 It was a time the revolution 1968 It was a time in the West 1966 The Good, the bad and the ugly 1966 For a fistful of dollars 1965 And for a few […]

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