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[critical] SNATCH

Franky comes to steal a huge diamond that he must deliver it to Avi, a mobster in new york city. On the way, he made a stop in London, where he allows himself to be convinced by Boris to bet on a boxing match underground. It ignores, of course, that it is a set-up with […]

[critical] Southland Tales

California, 2008. A nuclear attack precipitated America into the 3rd World War. In the Face of the scarcity of fuel, the company’s US-IDent develops a generator of inexhaustible energy, which alters the reality and will radically change the lives of the actor Boxer Santaros, ex-star of the X-Krysta Now and twin brothers Roland and Ronald […]

[critical] Star Wars : The Clone Wars

The galaxy is in the grip of the Clone wars, a large-scale conflict that opposes the evil Separatists and their huge armies of androids in the Republic. The Jedi Knights, protectors of the Republic, struggle to maintain order and restore peace while new planets succumb each day to the powers of evil. To take advantage, […]

Studio Ciné Live #17 / July 2010

Here is a summary of the last Studio Ciné Live… The cover of this month of July, 2010, it is you who choose ! You have the choice between Twilight and the duo of Pattinson / Stewart and another duo of actors, DiCaprio / Cotillard for the film Inception. There is something to satisfy everyone […]

[critical] SUMMER OF BLOOD

“Erik Sparrow has a good job and a relationship stable, but is what he really deserves ? Probably not. When his girlfriend proposed marriage, he did not have the good sense to accept. From there, his life turns ; to his girlfriend the reach and Erik begins to despair. One night, he meets Gavin, an […]

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