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Pfirst film of the official selection of the Champs-Elysées Film Festival, SUN BELT EXPRESS is coming back with gusto on the flow of illegal migrants mexicans towards the United States and on the lives of those who allow them to cross this border, similar to many of a wall. And for her first feature film, […]

[critical] like FATHER, like SON

With like FATHER, like SON, the japanese director Hirokazu Kore-Eda renews with themes dear to his heart as family connections, is already discussed in the beautiful NOBODY KNOWS (2004) and STILL WALKING (2009). This time, it still treats blood ties, but more specifically, the paternal bond. The story is reminiscent of the one in the […]


Comédie american shaped for Jason Bateman. The role of a rich heir and it fits her like a glove. Conrad Valmont has lived all his life in his suite at the hotel Valmont (family inheritance). He received his education by the staff and his parents to fund all of its activities, and miscellaneous expenses (cigarettes, […]

[critical] THE MAGIC CITY

Hash the first films, these small exploits. These small works on which we spend a lot of time, that one is always proud to see once it’s completed. These small pieces of ourselves that we offer to see at the time of their initial projections, these times are particularly stressful because one never really knows […]


Nicolas Winding Refn may annoy as much as it exhilarates. After the Drive has been complicated to manage with Only God Forgives , which has calmed many people with his extremism formal and narrative. THE NEON DEMON is not expected to reconcile the detractors of the man as it appears as a real extension in […]


Presented in the “events section” at the 11th Film Festival Korean in Paris, THE AGE OF SHADOWS, the latest Kim Jee-woon (I met the devil, The last bastion, the good, the bad and the crazy) seems to borrow a way more “serious” in the manner of a Park Chan-wook (Miss, Thirst, Old Boy). Jumping from […]

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