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“We are all IN industry “. This is a pub that is happening in my cinema. What am I saying ! This is THE best pub in the world ! And no, this is not my film. See the state of desolation pre-filmesque I enjoy thanks to my false bourgeois but viscerally, country location. Future […]


The odyssey still a Polish family through four decades until its total disappearance. The memories compiled Zdzisław Beksiński, surrealist painter, a subscriber to the genre post-apocalyptic, including periods of happiness, various disorders but especially in depression and urges of suicide. The story of a son It all starts with the son, Tomazs Beksiński, interpreted by […]

[critical] Phenomena

Popped up out of nowhere, the phenomenon strikes indiscriminately. There are no warning signs. In a few minutes, dozens, hundreds of people die in strange circumstances, terrifying, completely incomprehensible. What is it that causes this radical subversion and a sudden surge of human behavior ? Author’s Note [rating:6/10] • Release Date : 11 June 2008 […]

[critical] The Mist

While a mist strange seems to wrap a small town in Maine, David Drayton and his young son Billy find themselves trapped in a supermarket, in the company of other inhabitants terrorized. David does not take long to realize that the fog is populated by disturbing creatures… Their only chance at all to get out […]


“In the 1980s, the Aids virus is raging. Ned Weeks, a writer and activist, decides to fight and form a support group fighting against this disease. ” With such a pitch, the new artistic project of the very prolific Ryan Murphy would seem to be a new DALLAS BUYERS CLUB or an ersatz television of […]


THE OTHER SIDE is a diving documentary in the mid – “white trash” in the USA : child neglect, caravans rotten, veterans, toothless, and drunken, crack, stripper pregnant, etc, That is what put the decorations. And ? That is all. The film is being promoted as a documentary, but done everything possible to look like […]

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