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Competition The Avengers

Hello, friends with a passion for cinema. As you may know, the movie The Avengers came out recently this April 25, 2012. I don’t know about you, but I, as a geek assumed, it is totally unthinkable that I did not go watch this movie – which, by the way, has got quite good reviews. […]

report of my shooting – Part 2

Here is the second part of the record of my shooting ! It has been two weeks that I’ve completed, and after having slept for twenty hours straight, I’m more motivated than ever to complete the post-production and especially the increasing power of the blog ! Statement of the facts The filming was a big […]

report of my shooting – Part 1

Hello to all, As I explained in “my crazy challenge cinema” , I had to make a short film for which I had managed to get a few grants. I finished this shoot there was a little more than a week. I wrote this film two years ago and have put almost as much time […]

How to find actors

Whether it be a short film or a web series, it will take you most of the time actors. Indeed, they represent one of the main subjects of your work. To recruit your actors, you have 3 choices available to you : Make friends to you; Place an ad and choose your actors without casting; […]

How to succeed in your video editing

Explained simply, the video editing is to select, modify, process, and assemble multiple video clips to make a coherent and continuous, called film or video. The video editing is one of the essential stages of post-production ; and even if it is not a video editor professional, you can still shoot and edit videos of […]

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