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Eleventh feature film dElie Chouraqui, the ORIGIN OF THE VIOLENCE is the adaptation of the eponymous novel by Fabrice Humbert, inspired by the true story of the latter. Powerful and moving, it tells the story of how Nathan Fabre, a young professor, discovered incidentally during a visit to the Buchenwald concentration camp, the existence of […]


We devote a tiny retrospective, with Juan Antonio Bayona on the occasion of the release of his next film, a Few minutes after midnight on January 4, 2017. On the menu: the critics of the films made by the author: The orphanage (2007), The Impossible (2012), and finally a Few minutes after midnight. Then, in […]


After The chorus, Christophe Barratier tries with happiness to the genre thriller banking and economic adapting “The gear, memoirs of a trader”, the book of Jérôme Kerviel. The risk was great of sob in describing the battle of a David against Goliath, that would be the Society in General. Fortunately, there is nothing. The director […]


Let’s be honest, I had huge a priori on the PACIFIC RIM. The trailers and the first images were frightening to kitschy, more about teasing than expectations exacerbated. The director, Guillermo Del Toro , to me, was a man of a great film, the superb Pan’s Labyrinth. The rest of his work left me relatively […]

[critical] MOM OR DAD

Ce DAD OR MOM, with The Family Ram, released 1 and a half months earlier, are two comedies popular particularly successful, and doomed to a runaway success… Would this be a form of renaissance of the French cinema ? We, one sees above all a redefinition of the codes of identification of the spectator with […]


Flippant is the word that we will retain of Paranormal Activity. Sailing on the success of its predecessors ([Rec], The Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield and Cannibal Holocaust, which, contrary to what many people think, invented the genre of the on-board camera and not Blair Witch) and leads us in the footsteps of a young couple […]

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