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PLANETARIUM is a film that is broad, at several levels. First by its staging, elegant, crossing beautiful ideas. Then, in its artistic ambitions compared to the previous films of the French director. Locating his plot in the France of 30 years, Rebecca Zlotowski rubs the period film and all that this time jump involves : […]


To read also, our opinion is “against”. Three years after Planet of The apes, The Origins, global success thanks to which Ruppert Wyatt had woken up the franchise, undermined by the remake wobbly of Tim Burton, by posting the appropriate cocktail of intelligence, tension, and emotion unique to the saga of origin; it is the […]


Andrea Arnold is back in a vein more social but also lyrical with AMERICAN HONEY, a road trip is appealing. Winner of the Jury prize at the last Cannes film festival, AMERICAN HONEY, teen/road-movie with 2h43, deploys its stunning poetry through the green USA “white trash ” gained to Donald Trump. The film had many […]


Too serious for a series B, and not enough to become a good blockbuster, it is clear from Power Rangers is a hybrid product which no one really knows what audience it is intended. From the beginning, the idea of doing a reboot of the franchise, Power Rangers (adapted from the japanese series Super sentai, […]


PREJUDICE, a strong track for a film that is no less. First feature film more than promising directed by Antoine Cuypers, it is neither perfect nor pleasant, but captive of end-to-end with a poignant story and incredibly well construed. Nathalie Baye and singer ARNO (Hitjens) y embody a couple bourgeois of sixty years, little accompanied, […]


Unlikely, the French title of the new Denis Villeneuve makes it much more justice to the film than that of the original version (Arrival). It is brutal (Alien, James Cameron), spectacular (the War of The Worlds, Steven Spielberg), funny (Mars Attack, Tim Burton) or wonderful (E. T the extraterrestrial, Steven Spielberg again), the first contact […]

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