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fantastic Cinema : welcome to the Interzone

The leitmotif of the Feast Naked, a novel by William S. Burroughs adapted to film by David Cronenberg, has not finished to haunt the imagination of movie-goers. Some aficionados of the fantastic genre today use this term to name the place, uncertain, and unique, in which some of the characters come to go astray, and […]

fantastic Cinema : postcard from the FEFFS

Dear Blog of the Cinema, I go away for three days at the Festival du Film Fantastique de Strasbourg, and already your logo in black and blue and your design uncluttered I lack. I would like you to be there to see that the generosity of the alsatian capital is equal to the heat load […]

Fantastic Cinema : Discourses of artificial 2/3

Second part of our dossier on the manifestations and uses of the artificial in the cinema, in the continuity of the Escape Impossible. We will process and of the different manifestations of the artificial, in three parts : – The SCREEN IS A MASK STITCHED INTO THE NARRATIVE – AWARENESS OF The ARTIFICIALITY – The […]

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