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Hélène Angel is back after a long absence with a fourth feature film that revives the social realism of his early films. PRIMARY is first of all an ode to the educators, to smugglers and everyday heroes. The opening shots of the film show Florence in the process of learning to read to a student […]

[critical] PRISONERS

In the suburbs of Boston, two girls of 6 years, Anna and Joy, have disappeared. Detective Loki favours the thesis of the kidnapping following the testimony of Keller, the father of Anna. The suspect number 1 is quickly arrested, but is released a few days later for lack of evidence, leading to the fury of […]


PROJECT ALMANAC reports to the cinema said of found footage (found record). A kind of fashion for several years which is to show via a subjective view images from videos more or less amateurs. Used in the cinema of horror and terror (popularized by The Blair Witch Project in 1999, and then updated at the […]


Thirty years. This is the time that it took for Ridley Scott to return to science fiction since Blade Runner. The director thus returns to his first love and the genre that it will be made known by signing with PROMETHEUS , a sort of “prequel that isn’t a “d’Alien. A science-fiction film inspired by […]

[critical] Promised Land

Steve Butler, a representative of a large energy group, went with Sue Thomason in a small country town. The two colleagues are convinced that because of the economic crisis, the inhabitants could not refuse their lucrative proposal to drill on their land to exploit the energy resources they contain. What looked like a child’s play […]


With his fourth film, Paul Thomas Anderson creates the surprise by discussing the genre of the romantic comedy. This is a register in which it wasn’t expected. The director of california marks a turning point in his career by daring to confront, for the first time in this kind stereotyped-that is comedy (with talent of […]

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