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Adapted from the eponymous novel by Patrick Ness (also the script), a FEW MINUTES AFTER MIDNIGHT (A Monster Calls) tells the story of Conor O’malley (Lewis MacDougall), a young boy who must cope with the serious illness of his mother. You can guess pretty fast the goal, but Conor cannot accept the reality and the […]

[critical] That’s what we did to God?

Q‘u is what we did to God? : comedy on the pitch is unlikely in which a couple of old bourgeois sees three of his four daughters to marry a jew, an arab, and a chinese. Their last daughter decides to marry a black. That is what we did to god? therefore it allows the […]


We do more Dany Boon. However, it is possible to present Fred Cavayé, the director of NIT !, more accustomed to dramas and track races (Mea Culpa, end bearing) to the comedy. This is her first, and she is rather successful ! It is necessary to say that he is well surrounded : based on […]

[critical] Radiostars

Ben is also well in full failure professional that sentimental : he who dreamed comic in New York is returning “empty-handed” in Paris. He then encounters Alex, the co-host star of a morning on the radio, Blast FM, the Breakfast club. Alex is surrounded with Cyril, a forty-something woman poorly assumed, and Arnold, the host […]

[critical] Rapunzel

When Flynn Rider, the bandit the most sought-after of the kingdom, takes refuge in a mysterious tower, he finds himself taken hostage by Rapunzel, a beautiful and reckless girl at the impressive hair of 20 meters long, kept prisoner by Mother Gothel. The amazing jailer of Flynn is looking for a way out of this […]

[critical] REALITY

 RÉALITÉ has all of the UFO film. Story impossible to summarize, scenario perilous to analyze, conduct, convoluted and preposterous, the truth is elsewhere. Quentin Dupieux invoke David Lynch, psychoanalysis and surrealism to feel the pangs of the creation. Halfway between fascination and skepticism, the viewer is let ourselves get carried away in a story without […]

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