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Guillaume Canet with ROCK ‘ N ROLL, a foray into auto-fiction spoof addresses between delirium and derision the crisis of the quarantine at the home of a movie star. Guillaume Canet is 43 years old and does no longer really the same will be with the female. A young actress with whom he shoots him […]


A strange feeling is felt at the output of the projection of the ROGUE ONE, the first spin-off of the Star Wars saga. All the ingredients are there, and we would truly like to adore the show. The action is impressive, as much as the visual aspect. But something is not right. One can’t help […]

[critical] THE ROLE OF MY LIFE

An b, nugget of cinema, u.s. independent right ahead! With his second project as director, actor and screenwriter, Zach Braff (SCRUBS, THE FANTASTIC WORLD Of OZ) proves, 10 years after GARDEN STATE, he is also skilled in front and behind the camera. In narrating the daily glutton, an “apprentice actor [who] prefer to educate their […]


Before anything else, you should know that ROOM, in spite of its subject, is more drama than thriller, the usual. It is not a matter of following a police investigation, to find out who is the culprit and if it is to be apprehended, or twists and turns. Here, it is rather to present a […]


ROSALIE BLUM, the first feature film from writer emeritus Julien Rappeneau (in The name of my daughter, Cloclo, Faubourg 36, 36 quai des Orfèvres, etc….), is a little gem. For a quick test, we can say that it is a master stroke and it is primarily in this this movie is amazing : successful, accurate […]


For a first feature film – shot of his short film, Love is dead – we can say that with RUPTURE FOR ALL, Eric Captain comes out more as well. The director proposes that a comedy is refreshing and full of charm, with an original script and text, sharp. After the magnificent Taste of the […]

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