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[critical] Sailor And Lula

Sailor and Lula, two young lovers, fleeing from Marietta, the mother of the young girl who opposes their love, as well as a series of characters, dangerous and mysterious threat. Love will triumph there of the violence that surrounds them ? Author’s Note [rating:9/10] • Release Date : 24 September 1990 • Directed by David […]


Definitely a road movie relating to the Agricultural Show are showcased in 2016. After The Cow, here is HOLY LOVE… it’s A nice name and a nice trailer ! We imagine a film that is at once funny and poignant, a father renews ties with his son by walking through the wine route. We are […]

[Critical] Samba

Tkings years after the huge success of’Untouchable in 2011 with 19,44 million spectators in France, Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache return with Samba, always led by Omar Sy. In Untouchable, the two directors, and writers portrayed the relationship between a young Senegalese (as in Samba) from the suburbs and a wealthy quadriplegic in search of […]

[critical] SELMA

Mh a in scene Martin Luther King, iconic figure of the fight for the civil rights of blacks in the United States, is a first in cinema. With SELMA director Ava DuVernay does not mean in a biopic classic, which would have retraced the life of a baptist pastor as a whole. Recalling further the […]


What we would not have imagined in Denis Villeneuve, it is to be amazed by its staging… Because this is what is SICARIO : a pure movie scene. But far from being pejorative, or reducer, to us this means that the realization is a balance between several aspects, of the imaging, the writing, passing through […]


SIERANEVADA starts out as a day that we all lived. A man goes to a family dinner in the company of his wife. In the car, she the basin, but remains rather quiet. What they say to breathe the banality of married life. And then they arrive at the small party. People meet, speak to […]

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