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Tell three love stories across three time periods, the film director from taiwan , Hou Hsiao-hsien was already successfully addressed in the very beautiful Three Times (2004). The gorgeous Shu Qi and the mesmerizing Chang Chen, through their characters, met successively in 1966, 1911 and 2005, and lived romances varied against the backdrop of impossible […]


After Knight of Cups and Has The Wonder, fascinating, beautiful but also clivants and heavy, Terrence Malick concluded his trilogy of love in a film more accessible and empathetic before returning to the war film. SONG TO SONG, not score, not necessarily the reconciliation of Terrence Malick with its critics. Some accuse him of self-parody, […]


The first returns of the american press were still good. And it was hoped that STAR TREK WITHOUT LIMITS to put an end to a long series of blockbusters without any real success – animation movies aside, the last major success dates back to Captain America : Civil War, see our article. Yet on these […]

STAR WARS VII : stop with the fan service !

Like the galaxy, I was very eager to watch STAR WARS VII : THE AWAKENING OF THE FORCE, not to testify to the resurrection of an old history of 30 years, but because this film is directed by J. J. Abrams, that I esteem greatly since the creation of his series Alias until his rereading […]


Before Danny Boyle, this is David Fincher , who had begun work on this second biopic centered around the iconic figure of Apple. We will never what would have been the film if the director is sophisticated and pessimistic The Social Network was gone at the end. Because if the name of the English in […]

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