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Luring the summer of 1988, released in America on the first album, N. W. A, a young band from california : STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, seen by all the specialists of the kind like the CD that launched the gangsta rap. 27 years later, a biopic eponymous spell on this group which has now become a […]


After having long worked in television, and directed the series Romanzo criminal (2008-2010) and Gomorrah (2014-2015), both being sequels to a film adaptation based on a literary work, Stefano Sollima returns to the cinema with SUBURRA, his second feature film. In 2012 he moved to the big screen with A. C. A. B.: All Cops […]


I’m going to tell you a little story full of morality : there was once a very big american company witnessing the success of which had boasted one of its rivals during the summer of 2014 with a buddy-movie full of references to pop and anti-hero endearing. The very big company then decided to undertake […]


With T2 TRAINSPOTTING, Danny Boyle takes a look sincere, and touching on the decision to age the characters iconic, but also of a generation, and perhaps of himself. It is always difficult to begin in the continuation of a cult film without being overwhelmed. How not to fall in the repetition, the too full of […]


TAMARA ” the contrast of the round “, with a sub-title as heavy, needless to say, it shuffles off to go see the new feature film d’Alexandre Castagnetti (after The Inlays, Love and Turbulence, on The Grimoire Arkandias…). Adaptation of the COMIC of the same name by Zidrou and Darasse, this comedy aimed at teens […]


Produced by Jay and Mark Duplass (Cyrus, Jeff who lives at home), TANGERINE of Sean S. Baker arrives in France with his status as a movie transgender have gleaned, among others, the jury prize at the last festival of Deauville. In terms of ” buzz “, it is true that TANGERINE has serious points to […]

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