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Nonew large piece with TAXI DRIVER: Scorsese delivers already a masterpiece, at the end of the 5 films (!) Because if retrospectively Alice is not here anymore is my favorite movie of Scorsese, because of the emotion that emanates from it, with TAXI DRIVER, it is something more. Of which comes from the previous films […]


With SAND STORM, Elite Zexer demonstrated a high quality of writing to talk about the complexity of family ties. SAND STORM could appear as a work a bit already, due to its theme distant – that of a young generation of modern as opposed to archaic traditions of the parents. We look back at the […]

[critical] The Descendants

In Hawaii, the life of a family switches. Because his wife has just been hospitalized following a boating accident, Matt King tries awkwardly to be closer to his two daughters, Scottie, a girl of ten years old bright and early, and Alexandra, a teenager, a rebellious seventeen-year-old. He also wondered whether he should sell the […]


After The Heart of the Ocean was released in the end of last year, it is a new film featuring the confrontation between man and the incredible force of nature that is the ocean that the Disney studios we offer. Based on a true story, THE FINEST HOURS tells the story of the rescue of […]

[critical] The Grandmaster

China, 1936. Ip Man, the legendary master of Wing Chun (one of the various styles of kung fu) and future mentor of Bruce Lee, leads a prosperous life in Foshan where he divides his time between his family and the martial arts. It is at this time that grandmaster Baosen, head of the College of […]


Yorgos Lanthimos returns with killing OF the SACRED DEER, a tragedy of ancient accents hitchcockiens, which takes the form of a farce. Director formalist and fond of aesthetic touches, the Greek Yorgos Lanthimos has reached a new level in terms of reputation with The Lobster, a love story in a near future where single people […]

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