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[INTERVIEW] Michel Leclerc and Jean-Pierre Bacri

We met on the occasion of a presentation of THE LIFE VERY PRIVATE FROM MR SIM, the director Michel Leclerc and the main actor Jean-Pierre Bacri. The exchanges were numerous about the main character Francis Sim. Of warm exchange, and with this touch of humor that characterizes the two artists ! Can you define the […]

[INTERVIEW] the team of The movie LOLO

We met in Bordeaux the team of the movie LOLO: director Julie Delpy and the two key players, the men of the life of Violette that she interprets : Dany Boon (Jean-René) and Vincent Lacoste (Lolo). We deliver you their crossfire in the form of a small primer and under the sign of the good […]

[INTERVIEW] The team of the film PARIS-WILLOUBY

We met Quentin Reynaud and Arthur Delaire at the occasion of the presentation of PARIS-WILLOUBY first to Bordeaux (city of origin of the two young directors). Two boys are highly complementary and which are expressed almost with one voice. They were accompanied by two of their main actors, the delicious and involved Alex Lutz and […]


On the occasion of the presentation of GANG BANG at the Festival International du Film indépendant de Bordeaux last October, we had met with the director Eva Husson, who we had spoken with sincerity and enthusiasm of his intentions in the movie and her feminist engagement. For what reasons have added to the title GANG […]

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