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The decorations at the cinema

Strangely, the importance of scenery in the cinema is largely under-estimated by the apprentice filmmakers. I have, indeed, seen too many short films, students or web-series in which the atmosphere in general was sloppy. This effect was notably due to the lack of detail in their backgrounds that led to a poverty of the image, […]

Danny Boyle : A life less ordinary, a comedy bit ordinary

Third criticism of Squizzz and third film from Danny Boyle, not the most well-known of all his work undoubtedly a very good film, I’ll let you discover the critical After the shock ” Trainspotting “, Danny Boyle crosses the Atlantic ocean to afford the luxury of a movie-recreation. Clearly, with “A life less ordinary,” the […]

Danny Boyle, the Boyle Touch

In almost 20 years of career in cinema and ten feature-length films ( “Trance” comes out in Britain and will be on screens in france on the 8 may next year), Danny Boyle became a british director which is unavoidable and has been able to impose their own style, between “pop culture” and reflection on […]

Danny Boyle : The Beach, the beach hollywood

Yet a new article of Squizzz on the filmography of Danny Boyle. Today he tackles his first work as a american who has not made unanimously. I let you discover his chronicle and wish you a very good read. The first (and only real) foray Boyle in the universe of the big productions will not […]

Danny Boyle : Sunshine, brillante science-fiction

It was a little bit of time that Squizzz was not returned with his chronicle of the work of Danny Boyle. The error is repaired, here’s to you the analysis of the 6th film of the british director (who is one of my favorite). Good read. Sunshine sign the last collaboration to date between Danny […]

Danny Boyle : Slumdog Millionaire, it was written…

2008. After he made a name for itself among lovers of film and genre and generation Trainspotting, Danny Boyle switches to a shot in the consciences popular, narrating the incredible destiny of a kid in the streets of Bombay. Love story, thriller nervous, realistic vision and image of India, but above all the tale, with […]

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