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The filmmakers are generational. My parents have had the chance to be Scorsese or Coppola. Big names, big movies, instantly cults. Nowadays one could complain, and despair. Be sad because of a certain lost grandeur ? Of a certain class lost ? There was always something. Rare are now the films worn by high-ranking characters […]

Quentin Tarantino loves 20 movies, but which ones ?

The director has lent to the game we reveal the 20 films that he prefers… While his last film, Inglourious Basterds comes out today, is that Quentin Tarantino is a coward, and tells us more about the films they have influenced since the beginning of his career, since 1992, and his Reservoir Dogs. Action ! […]


ACTRESS: Mila Kunis 2015 Jupiter Ascending Jupiter 2014 The Angriest Man in Brooklyn Dr. Sharon Gill 2013 Puzzle Julia 2014 Family Guy – Season 13 Meg 2013 Family Guy – Season 12 Megan Griffin 2013 Blood Ties Natalie 2013 Hell & Back Deema 2013 The fantastic World of Oz Theodora 2012 Family Guy – Season […]

The Last Flight : trailer / Trailer (VF/HD)

Here is the trailer for the film The Last Flight… The pitch : Sahara French, 1933. Part in search of the man she loves, who disappeared during an attempt of crossing the London / Cape town by plane, the adventuress and aviatrix Marie Vallières de Beaumont is forced to ask his biplane near an outpost […]


Dolan is well-become a superstar. His coronation in cannes for Mommy placed it in a dilemma for the rest of his career : to take a risk and continue doing what he had always done, or courage to change. In both cases, the risk was present. We felt getting the turning-point in his filmography just […]

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