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[critical] A Bride is Not Like The Others

Shy and introverted, Lars lives alone in the renovated garage of his brother Gus and sister-in-law Karin, in a small village in the Middlewest. When he announces that he has finally met a girl on Internet and she is soon to visit him, Gus and Karin are relieved and very eager to make his acquaintance. […]

[critical] A New Chance

A talent scout specializing in baseball sees his life switch with the gradual loss of his sight. He decides, however, to make one last trip to Atlanta with his daughter, looking for a promising talent. Author’s Note [rating:3/10] • Release Date : November 21, 2012 • Directed by Robert Lorenz • Film american • With […]


The comedy “French” abound for these last years and a current new comes up to to drill into a canvas quite thick made up of players confirmed in the genre. See François Damiens – we only really get to know at the cinema that, since OSS 117 – Cairo Nest of Spies in 2006 in […]

[critical] A Week in December

A camera, two journalists, a motorhome. Two journalists from the drafting of the LCM are installed for a week in a camp of the 15th arrondissement of Marseille, home to a Roma family. The family Gjuliaj a native of Kosovo. This proximity has allowed Sahar, Dasuhrije and their four children to forget about the camera. […]

[critical] A Simple Life

Ah Tao was born in Taishan in China. It is at the service of the family Leung for the past 60 years, four generations. Today, she lives alone with Roger, the last member of the family Leung in Hong Kong. Author’s Note [rating:8/10] • Release Date : May 08, 2013 • Directed by Ann Hui […]

[CRITICAL] A MAN of integrity

To have addressed in her latest film, A MAN of integrity, the systematic corruption in his country, the director Mohammad Rasoulof risk six years in prison. Never a movie will also be well worn in his title, A MAN of integrity. Can I remain a man of integrity and reject the endemic corruption that gangrene […]

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