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[Interview] Rosemary Myers for the Fantastic Birthday

We have been tenderized by the Fantastic Birthday, first indie came to Australia, this is rare in the distribution networks. This fresco tells the story of the passage of a tormented young girl, Greta, to adulthood with a sense of humor and lucid dreaming. We have had the chance to interview the director, Rosemary Myers, […]

[folder] The influence of 11/09 on the American film

Article written on January 10, 2015, and then complemented by the cinematographic works published on the subject since; We include in the scope of this analysis a few films in our capital, with no intention of completeness. This year 2015, come out to the cinema two films at a pitch similar : American Sniper, Clint […]

10 Best ideas of remakes

Le cinema has a short memory. And if it is generally admitted that it is an art still young, it happens too often to wallow in the nostalgia of old diva, ready to die to regain a little of its youth and of its magnificent glory. This mood revolting probably explains why the muse of […]

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