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cutting Technique Part1

Learn how to make a Cutting Technique   Come on, I get myself into this big chapter that needs a lot of explanation (and other items) to be well understood. Once again, I have read many things on the net that are more than questionable in relation to the cutting Technique. A cutting technique what […]


Panascout The application Must –     I do not have the habit of telling you stories and when we are before a book, a film, a filmmaker or an application that is not by chance. It is that I believe hard as iron that it may help you. This week I would like to […]

Helios, sun, and more, applications for Head trader

Helios, sun,and more applications for chief operator Do the light and take the points   Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these apps will quickly become indispensable. This is only the first list, I am sure that there must be other applications, or that the developers are still going to get us out […]

application for writing, novelist, screenwriter

Application to write Put in page and Write your scenarios The best apps   I mentioned in an article, when one starts writing a long, a tv movie or a short film, our imagination, or inspiration does not stop when we leave our office or our computer. This is where the best applications for writers […]

Create Characters, main characters or secondary

Create characters The emotions of your Characters   Part 2 Here’s the article on creating characters, the emotions of your characters. We’ll see how you can define what emotions you want to give your characters, and especially that this is likely ;o) If you have not read the first part click on the link ;o) […]

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