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How to give emotion to your characters

The Emotions of your characters Part 1 :   Last week I read a draft sent by a young apprentice writer. I think it was the 3rd where 4th time that I was reading a different version. At each new reading I have seen the progress and the work provided. These are things we see […]

10 Steps For writing a film

10 steps to write a film a series or a short film   I wanted to make this article on how to write a movie in 10 steps because last week, one of you asked me a question innocent on the writing of the synopsis. After telling him, this person asked me if it was […]

Finding The Music For a Film

Point On The Music Rights for a film This is another issue that strikes you: The music rights, or how to find the music for a film ? You are in the process of writing a film where the music is. You have already head existing titles and artists specific or you are one of […]

Create a series, create a series

Create a series, Create a Web series, WHY DO THAT ?   This week, we’ll discuss the idea of launching a series or a web series. You are more to me contact me asking questions about writing, structure, characters, not to mention those who are engaged in the adventure and asked me for an opinion […]

image Right

Small shed on the right in the image This week, I would like to make the point on a legal aspect that relates to absolutely all those who want to make a film and learn the cinema. The Right image is a question that often comes up : do I have to apply or sign […]

The location scouting, permissions and rights

Film locations and location Scouting on the production side and rights part 2   Here is the second part of the article on the locations/ filming locations : permissions and rights. This week we are going to focus on the places ” hyper-sensitive “. It is true that in these articles I do not put […]

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