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personal Money and short film 3

Episodes 5 and 6 5) Diffusion in the room and 6) new ways of dissemination of the short film. Last part dedicated to the self-production of the short film. Everything you need to know and especially not to do when we want to, at any price, making his first film. If you have not read […]

How to write a scenario case Study 6

Case study 6 How to write a scenario   How to write a storyline when the characters speak in a foreign language. This week, one of you asked me a seemingly simple question about the scenario that he wrote at this time. His story is about illegal. Here it is : – Like the foreigners […]

personal Money and short film 2

Episode 3 and 4   3) The salaries of the short film / 4) auto-production As I said in personal money and short film 1 will auto-generate does not self finance ! It simply means that you do not call for a production company to produce your film but you use an association, which you […]

courtmetrage, how to produce ?

short film Episode 1 and 2   1) The courtmetrage, a French exception / 2) The CNC Everything you need to know about the short film and self production This week I got a question by email to a user ” How to Make A Movie “. His question was : Why should we not […]

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